22 Sep 2016

Brad Pitt And The Men’s Rights Movement

By : Brad Pitt is having a shitty day, and probably understands, this morning, why some women end up dead when they ask for a divorce. Pretty much every news source in the world is reporting that Pitt beat his children and is under investigation by authorities. An anonymous source claims Pitt got wasted (both alcohol and marijuana are mentioned) on his private jet and was physically and verbally abusive to the kids, but no specific details are offered. This comes hard on the heels of claims he was cheating on Jolie, sexing up his pregnant co-star, Marion Cotillard, a rumor she heartily denies. Cotillard had to issue a statement clarifying that she is pregnant with her husband’s child. How charming for her.
So let’s just get it straight here: within 48 hours of announcing the divorce, Pitt has been painted as a cheater, a drunk, a druggie, a child-beater and just a general douchebag who knocked up some other guy’s wife.
Oh, and Jolie doesn’t want him to have physical custody of the children.
Probably just a coincidence, right?
On day one of the announcement, Twitter was awash in Jennifer Aniston reaction gifs, as people gleefully celebrated the fact that the husband-stealing Jolie was herself cheated upon.
The optics were bad for Jolie, and the next day, wham! - Pitt is a child abusing drunk.
For that reason alone, I do not believe a word of the abuse allegations against Pitt. This is bog standard ex-wife abusing the husband and children with false allegations territory. Being filthy rich and famous won’t protect Pitt or the six children from a vindictive, conniving spouse determined to wound both the man she formerly loved and her children. Jolie makes me sick, vaulting around the globe in paroxysms of compassion for the poor, neglected, downtrodden children of the world, yet she is saying she doesn’t want her own children to see their father any more.
Fuck you, Jolie.
Today, global news sources are updating their Pitt stories with the following:
“LAPD is not handling any report or allegations into child abuse for Mr. Brad Pitt.”
There is no investigation. It’s not true.
Take the red pill, Brad. What is happening to you is happening to millions of men around the world right now, at this very moment. How many days have to go by without seeing your children before you start to feel suicidal? How much money will you spend trying to get to them? To what lengths will you go to save them? Most men don’t have your money, power or influence. And if you are getting screwed this way, what do you think is happening to them?

If new evidence comes to light, I will revise this post, but for the moment, I am calling Jolie a liar who treats her gypsy tribe of children like handbags – accessories to make her look hip and cool. The very reason she is the one who should not have physical custody.

How’s your male privilege feeling today, Brad? Do you think you are in need of some legal rights? Equality, Brad. You don’t have it. She has the power. And the children. And the whole system is rigged to make sure those kids never see you again.
Do you get it now, Brad?
Take the red pill.
Join the revolution.
Lots of love,



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