9 Sep 2016

Greece: Antifa "Welcomes" The New 'Fascist' AKA Nationalist Offices Of LEPEN In Athens, Agios Panteleimonas

Perseus999: Greek antifascists paid a visit and literally demolished the new offices of the nationalist socialist party LEPEN, just few days before their planned official opening ceremony, not just on any other day, but purposefully on the day that Antifa rapper Killah P was murdered by neonazis (18 September) in Keratsini, Greece just 3 years ago. As it seems, the fascists's provocation was immediately answered by antifascists, before it was even materialized.

ΑΝΑΔΗΜΟΣΙΕΥΣΗ από http://videobin.org/+e0x/hra.html 

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  1. I'm a born anarchist and I would say a natural anti-fascist, but I have to ask the members of Antifa, what are you afraid of, ...debate?

    IMO the above video is of a last resort tactic used in a situation I do not believe was a last resort, just mob rage and hate. Have the courage to face your opposition. As it is, the above is a big neon sign saying you have lost the argument. ...As bad as them being slap happy on TV.

    Canvas your area and field a candidate and win your local election, [I can show you how] then run things as you like. The lame-stream politicians rely on your ignorance and time wasting such as the above.

    Or perhaps Antifa is a Zionist supported group with little aim but to disrupt and divide our people? What exactly is your problem with these so-called neo-Nazis, that others might call national socialists? Sounds a bit like Jewish propaganda to me... Or to put it an other way, I don't like fascists, I don't like monarchs, I don't like banksters, but I'm not sure that I have a big problem with National Socialists, just because they have now been re-named Nazis, thanks to relentless Jewish Zionist warmongering propaganda.

    The Jew Kissinger ordered the invasion of Greek Cyprus and the CIA subjugation of Greece, ...the Jewish controlled CIA still fucks with the Greeks through control of the media... I would be careful of using Jewish propaganda terms like NAZI, inappropriately, lest you be taken for Zionist shills.

    Would you say let's go and beat up the socialists? I guess your problem is with the Nationalist part. If that is so, know that the Jewish [biggest nationalists 'ISRAEL' on the planet] elites love you, they intend to balkanise and weaken the rest of us [Greece, Cyprus, the Arab states] so that we might be more easily dominated by them.