4 Sep 2016

Hillary Is Certifiably Insane + Sniff Hilary Clintons Pussy

PCR: Elect Hillary and she will take America to war with Russia—which means also China—and Iran. And the presstitutes aren’t the least bit interested.
Russia Insider: Paul Joseph Watson is on a roll lately.
His commentary is spot-on regarding the media giving Hillary a free pass for out-of-control Russia-bating, Russia bashing, and basically, irresponsible war-mongering.
It is going to backfire badly on her.
His recent videos about Hillary's 'Trump is a Racist' speech, and Hillary's health problems were excellent too.   His video of a month ago about Hillary's health problems went viral, getting almost 4 million views, and was a major catalyst in public awareness that something is seriously wrong.
By the way, she looks terrible in this video, there is definitely something going on with her health.


X art by WB7

Sniff Hilary Clintons Pussy - FKN NEWZ
Deek Jackson

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