11 Sep 2016

Police Across UK ‘Want To Make Misogyny A Hate Crime’ After Crackdown Sees Serious Complaint Every Three Days

Via Mike, J4MB: From this piece in the Mail.
We knew that the ridiculous treatment of misogyny as a hate crime wouldn’t be limited to the county where it started, in Nottinghamshire. A central figure in the initiative was Melanie Jeffs, the lesbian radical feminist head of the Nottingham Women’s Centre, a registered charity. In April 2015 she won a Lying Feminist of the Month award for a demonstrable lie on the centre’s website which remains there to this day, 17 months later. Her award certificate is here.
Jobs will be created to tackle this non-existent problem, misogyny being all but unknown among men, and far more common among women. Conversely, of course, misandry is common among women – ubiquitous among feminists – and far from uncommon among men. The start of the article:

Police across the country are considering making misogyny a hate crime. The plan was revealed after two men were arrested for sexist abuse during a pilot scheme in Nottinghamshire that may be broadened out across the country.
Threatening words and assault will be tackled in the pioneering crackdown on offensive behaviour towards women.
Nottinghamshire Police has launched more than 20 investigations in the two months since the pilot was announced. But despite initial concerns from the public, no men have been reported for wolf-whistling at women. [My emphasis. The notion that wolf-whistling was (a) evidence of misogyny, and (b) commonplace in the modern era, was always a radical feminist fantasy, given that no man would ever wolf-whistle a radical feminist.]
Forces around the country, from Devon and Cornwall to Durham, are now sending officers to the county to discuss the experiment.
Dave Alton, Nottinghamshire Police’s hate crime manager, said: ‘The reality is that all of the reports so far have required some form of police action.’
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