8 Sep 2016

Posters Advertising National Men’s Rights Working Forum

The National Men’s Rights Working Forum needs your help.

By Jordan Holbrook: Due to be hosted over the final weekend of October, starting on the evening of Friday 28th and finishing in the late afternoon of Sunday 30th, the first National Men’s Rights Working Forum aims to find practical solutions to eradicate male inequalities. It also aims to start building a concrete national network of male activists and to create and project a more professional public and political front for the Men’s Movement.
This is open to any and all who are concerned with the neglect of male issues and wishes to be part of the engine that will change that.
The issues addressed shall be left up to those who attend, allowing for people to see the change in the areas they care about.
Attached below are a series of posters advertising the event, even if you cannot attend, please do share these posters across social media, into men’s groups, wherever you feel appropriate.

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