31 Oct 2016

‘The Woman Is A Disaster!’: Camille Paglia On Hillary Clinton

A wide-ranging interview with the iconoclastic professor

Talking to Camille Paglia is like approaching a machine gun: madness to stick your head up and ask a question, unless you want your brain blown apart by the answer, but a visceral delight to watch as she obliterates every subject in sight. Most of the time she does this for kicks. It’s only on turning to Hillary Clinton that she perpetrates an actual murder: of Clinton II’s most cherished claim, that her becoming 45th president of the United States would represent a feminist triumph.

‘The Red Pill’: The Movie Feminists Tried To Ban Gets UK Premier – On International Men’s Day

By Martin Daubney: The Red Pill – the inflammatory movie about Men’s Rights Activists that feminist protesters tried (and failed) to ban from Australia – is coming to the UK. 
We learned from the movie’s sole UK distributor that its British premiere is planned for November 19th – International Men’s Day – at London’s Soho Hotel.
This comes after three other London venues pulled the plug on The Red Pill after venue owners got cold feet about its “misogynistic” content.
Despite that, last night, a UK preview went ahead “without event” at the invite-only National Men’s Rights Working Forum in Bath.
Richard Elliott, who purchased the UK screening rights for £400 and is paying £1,200 of his own money to screen it, said: “It’s revolutionary. People were crying one minute, then giving a standing ovation the next. It’s going to ruffle a few feathers”.
Unlike any of its censorious critics, I’ve actually seen The Red Pill.
And it isn’t “MRA propaganda” – the movie features many voices fiercely critical of the men’s rights movement.

Ukrainians "Shocked" At Vast Wealth Amassed By Their Corrupt Politicians

By Tyler Durden: Ukraine is the latest country to discover that cronyism and corruption in politics pays - a lot - and is very unhappy about it.
As a result of an anti-corruption reform requiring senior Ukrainian officials to declare their wealth online, the local population has been been exposed to the vast difference between the fortunes of politicians and those they represent.
As Reuters reports, some declared millions of dollars in cash. Others said they owned fleets of luxury cars, expensive Swiss watches, diamond jewelry and large tracts of land - revelations that will crush public confidence in the authorities in Ukraine, where the average salary is just over $200 per month. Officials had until Sunday to upload details of their assets and income in 2015 to a publicly searchable database, part of an International Monetary Fund-backed drive to boost transparency and modernise Ukraine's recession-hit economy.
As in the US, the corruption starts (and ends) at the top, and the value of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's assets soared despite economic crisis and conflict while those of other tycoons shrank in an annual wealth list published Friday.

On Being Aloof And Democratic

By Gilad Atzmon: In recent weeks, the Democratic Party campaign went out of its way in its attempt to implicate the Republican candidate with misogyny and sexism. This agenda backfired completely.
We have been learning from recent polls that white women are now returning to Trump and they are not alone. It is possible that the attempt to present Trump as a sexual predator, practically, led the attention to Bill Clinton, his problematic sexual history and his gruesome affairs with the likes of arch paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.  Needless to mention, Hillary Clinton’s connection with Anthony Weiner hasn’t helped either. Hillary Clinton and her campaign leaders have somehow managed to forget that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
The question that arises here is, why has the Democratic Party fallen into such obvious traps? Why would they, themselves, sabotage their own project?  
Hubris is the answer. The Democratic Party, in its current state is aloof. It is totally detached from the American social collective. It has invested in sectarianism, identitarian, and tribal politics.  It has become a mirror image of the Jewish political symptom. This is hardly surprising considering recent Jewish media  admissions that Clinton’s top five donors are Jewish billionaires.

Israel Lobby Lawsuits Aim To Slow Boycott In Spain

More than 50 communities across Spain have declared themselves free of Israeli apartheid.” 
Albert Gea
By Charlotte Silver: In July 2014, at the height of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, Spain’s RESCOP launched a national campaign targeting local cultural institutions, businesses and associations, asking that they declare themselves “free of Israeli apartheid.”
That effort has since grown, in both size and kind. Today, there are more than 50 participating cities and towns across the country.
And it has sparked a reaction. RESCOP, which sought to build from scratch a popular embrace of the global boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS), is now facing stiff opposition from ACOM (Action and Communication), a pro-Israel advocacy group that has benefited from the Israeli government’s recent attempt at countering the growing BDS movement.
It all started innocuously enough.

The Humanatee - The Shillary Scream + Clinton 419 - WB7

I Am Not A Consumer

DoctorRandomercam: I thought of making this the Shithouse of Horror episode, but it's not scary enough. Another video to come tomorrow. A longer one. Consider this the video for Halloween eve. Or Hallowe'en'en, as it were.

President Putin Asks US To Stop Provoking Russia

Via Paul Craig Roberts: Putin expressed hopes that a new US president will work with him to rectify the dangerous deterioration in relations between the US and Russia. Obviously, this cannot happen if the new president is Hillary.
Here is President Putin’s speech at Valdai:
Putin speech, Valdai 2016
JRL, October 29, 2016.
President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Tarja, Heinz, Thabo, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,
It is a great pleasure to see you again. I want to start by thanking all of the participants in the Valdai International Discussion Club, from Russia and abroad, for your constructive part in this work, and I want to thank our distinguished guests for their readiness to take part in this open discussion.
Our esteemed moderator just wished me a good departure into retirement, and I wish myself the same when the time comes. This is the right approach and the thing to do. But I am not retired yet and am for now the leader of this big country. As such, it is fitting to show restraint and avoid displays of excessive aggressiveness. I do not think that this is my style in any case.
But I do think that we should be frank with each other, particularly here in this gathering. I think we should hold candid, open discussions, otherwise our dialogue makes no sense and would be insipid and without the slightest interest.

30 Oct 2016

The Earth Is Moving For Me

The Earth Is Moving For Me In Public
This article developed from a comment I nearly wrote to this piece by Emma Clarke Gratton. Inspired by motherly concern for her sons, she unwittingly begins the painful process of choking down a big red one. Naïvely clinging to her cliffs of feminist prejudice, she imagines Paul Elam has nothing good to say because, shock, horror, he dared criticise women.
Is she really a concerned mother? Does she truly love her sons? Or is she simply scared by the thought of what she well knows gynocentrism is going to do to them? Is she fearful of the pain their selfish suicide will cause her?
Am I, the nasty MRA, being too hard on a mother? Or do I bloody well know better how a woman’s mind works?
This is the raw naked power of the alternate narrative, the magic spell of the story being woven by MRAs. Everyone now must choose which story to believe.



October Boomerang

By Gilad Atzmon: Over the years, American governments have invested in building a huge infrastructure  designed, in the name of public safety and national security, to spy on each and every one of us.  It was the whistleblower Edward Snowdon who taught us about the extent of the cooperation between the NSA, telecommunication companies and European governments. Some of us were extremely concerned about these revelations while others learned to live with them - but very few of us realised that sooner rather than later, it would be we the people who actually gained such free access to the secrets of our big brothers.
Just a week or so before the American presidential election, it has become clear that,  rather than them looking at us and making us feel vulnerable and exposed, it is actually us, the people, who are sitting in front of our TV screens being entertained by Clinton’s emails and the revelations about her ties with the most horrible people on the planet.
It seems as if us ‘little brothers’ are growing tired of our ‘big brother’ and such a realisation points to a shift in consciousness that could lead to complete social revolution. The awareness is certainly here already.

“Confronting China”

By John Pilger:
TJC: Please tell us about your new film, The Coming War on China.
JP: The Coming War on China is my 60th film and perhaps one of the most urgent. It continues the theme of illuminating the imposition of great power behind a facade of propaganda as news.  In 2011, President Obama announced a ‘pivot to Asia’ of US forces: almost two-thirds of American naval power would be transferred to Asia and the Pacific by 2020.
The undeclared rationale for this was the ‘threat’ from China, by some measure now the greatest economic power. The Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, says US policy is to confront those ‘who see America’s dominance and want to take that away from us’.
The film examines power in both countries and how nuclear weapons, in American eyes, are the bedrock of its dominance. In its first ‘chapter’, the film reveals how most of the population of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific were unwittingly made into nuclear guinea pigs in a programme whose secrets – and astonishing archive – are related to the presence of a missile base now targeting China. The Coming War on China will be released in cinemas in the UK on December 1st and broadcast on ITV (in the UK) on December 6th.

Mixed Progress - The Voice Of Europe

Jon Gunnarsson, Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff, will be going through the news of the latest insanities on the Old Continent. - The last few weeks have been very interesting in Europe. On one hand, Icelandic feminists have convinced women to protest in the streets against the 14% "gender pay gap" (as if it's something that can be dealt with via protests). On the other hand, Spain adopted saner policies with regards to custody of the children after divorce. - Meanwhile, Swedish taxpayers pay for "gender researchers" to create a female-friendly truck and a British family court stands up to the extremism of the "transgender equality" ideology.

Myth-Busters: Cultural Marxism v Liberty

RonPaul: With the total failure of Economic Marxism, adherents to the authoritarian ideology set a new course: the destruction of Western culture. The shift to "Cultural Marxism" commenced and we're now seeing the bizarre manifestations of these ideas. Ron Paul unlocks the mental prisons that are being imposed on Americans in today's Myth-Busters.

Punishment Is Violent And Counterproductive

By Robert J Burrowes: Punishment is a popular pastime for humans. Parents punish children. Teachers punish students. Employers punish workers. Courts punish lawbreakers. People punish each other. Governments punish ‘enemies’. And, according to some, God punishes evildoers.
What is ‘punishment’? Punishment is the infliction of violence as revenge on a person who is judged to have behaved inappropriately. It is a key word we use when we want to obscure from ourselves that we are being violent.
The violence inflicted as punishment can take many forms, depending on the context. It might involve inflicting physical injury and/or pain, withdrawal of approval or love, confinement/imprisonment, a financial penalty, dismissal, withdrawal of rights/privileges, denial of promised rewards, an order to perform a service, banishment, torture or death, among others.
Given the human preoccupation with punishment, it is perhaps surprising that this behaviour is not subjected to more widespread scrutiny. Mind you, I can think of many human behaviours that get less scrutiny than would be useful.
Anyway, because I am committed to facilitating functional human behaviour, I want to explain why using violence to ‘punish’ people is highly dysfunctional and virtually guarantees an outcome opposite to that intended.
Punishment is usually inflicted by someone who makes a judgment that another person has behaved ‘badly’ or ‘wrongly’. At its most basic, disobedience (that is, failure to comply with elite imposed norms) is often judged in this way, whether by parents, teachers, religious figures, lawmakers or national governments.

2006 Audio Emerges Of Hillary Clinton Proposing Rigging Palestine Election

Unearthed tape: 'We should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win'

By Ken Kurson: On September 5, 2006, Eli Chomsky was an editor and staff writer for the Jewish Press, and Hillary Clinton was running for a shoo-in re-election as a U.S. senator. Her trip making the rounds of editorial boards brought her to Brooklyn to meet the editorial board of the Jewish Press.
The tape was never released and has only been heard by the small handful of Jewish Press staffers in the room. According to Chomsky, his old-school audiocassette is the only existent copy and no one has heard it since 2006, until today when he played it for the Observer.
The tape is 45 minutes and contains much that is no longer relevant, such as analysis of the re-election battle that Sen. Joe Lieberman was then facing in Connecticut. But a seemingly throwaway remark about elections in areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority has taken on new relevance amid persistent accusations in the presidential campaign by Clinton’s Republican opponent Donald Trump that the current election is “rigged.”

29 Oct 2016

Intact America Press Conference - American Academy Of Pediatrics

Bonobo3D: Outside the American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Conference Intact America held a press conference telling the AAP to stop cutting baby boys. - Speakers include Intact America director Georganne Chapin, circumcision regret mother Niki Sawyers, and Lloyd Schofield of Bay Area Intactivists.

Can Trump Save America Like Putin Saved Russia?

The Saker:
A crisis faces America:
Option one: Hillary wins.  That’s Obama on steroids, only worse.  Remember that Obama himself was Dubya, only worse.  Of course, Dubya was just Clinton, only worse.  Now the circle is closed.  Back to Clinton.  Except this time around, we have a woman who is deeply insecure, who failed at every single thing that she every tried to do, and who now has a 3 decades long record of disasters and failures.  Even when she had no authority to start a war, she started one (told Bill to bomb the Serbs).  Now she might have that authority.  And she had to stand there, in front of millions of people, and hear Trump tell her “Putin outsmarted you at every step of the way.” Did you see her frozen face when he said that?  Trump is right, Putin did outsmart her and Obama at every step.  The problem is that now, after having a President with an inferiority complex towards Putin (Obama) we will have a President with the very same inferiority complex and a morbid determination to impose a no-fly zone over Russian forces in Syria.  Looking at Hillary, with her ugly short hair and ridiculous pants, I thought to myself “this is a woman who is trying hard to prove that she is every bit as tough and any man” – except of course that she ain’t.  Her record also shows her as being weak, cowardly and with a sense of total impunity.  And now, that evil messianic lunatic (http://thesaker.is/the-messianic-lunatic-in-her-own-words/) with a deep-seated inferiority complex might become Commander in Chief?!  God help us all!

The Feminist/SJW Exertion Of Power

6oodfella: The game I couldn't remember is Overwatch. I also remembered The Killing Joke's cover after making the video. Enjoy.

SJW Tribunal Update With Janice Fiamengo

StudioBrule: Janice Fiamengo discusses her first meeting with her lawyer about the Social Justice Tribunals.

Top Five Donors To Clinton Campaign Are Jewish

By Gilad Atzmon: The Jewish Chronicle reports this weekendthat the five biggest donors to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign are all Jewish.”
Donald Sussman, hedge fund Manager; 
Jay Robert Pritzker venture Capitalist
Haim Saban, Israeli-American media tycoon
George Soros, speculator 
Daniel Abraham, founder of SlimFast
The only open question is whether the American people are ready to connect the dots? In the last few months we have been reading that American Jews are concerned by the sharp rise in antisemitism in the land of the free. I guess that manyAmerican Jews have connected the dots already. They grasp that once again, Jewish elite is playing a very dangerous game on their expense. 
One would expect Jews in general and Jewish oligarchs in particular to draw the necessary conclusion from Jewish history. Somehow this never happens. The same disastrous mistakes are repeated. As we know, the consequences are grave

MGM: Is Bob Neill MP, Chair, Justice Committee, (A) Unaware Of The Legal Position, (B) Unaware And Unwilling To Find Out, Or (C) Aware, But Refuses To Admit It?

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Since the launch of Campaign for Merit in Business in early 2012, and the launch of J4MB in early 2013, our repeated attempts to engage with politicians, including government ministers, and government departments, have proven fruitless. When we’ve been permitted to formally engage, such as giving oral evidence to a House of Commons inquiry on ‘Women in the Workplace’ in 2012 – video (56:49) here – our factual evidence has been ignored, or rejected without explanation. This simply reinforces our conviction that we must make as large an impact as possible at general elections, and just before Xmas I’ll be starting three and a half years of campaigning in Theresa May’s constituency, Maidenhead.

Rose Matafeo And The Death Of Comedy On The BBC

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Have I Got News For You is a ‘topical panel show’ which has been broadcast on BBC TV since 1990, 26 years ago. The team captains (with the odd break or two) have been the insufferably smug Ian Hislop, and Paul Merton, a once-talented comedian who seems ever more embarrassed with each show, presumably at how much money he’s earning in return for so little effort.
To say the programme is tired would be an understatement. Almost all BBC comedy is dead, or dying, because of the influence of feminists at the state broadcaster. Sandi Toxic is currently killing QI, only hatchet-faced BBC feminazis could ever have imagined she could replace Stephen Fry. BBC feminists are parasites, one and all.
I very seldom watch Have I Got News For You these days, but I watched tonight’s episode. The token female ‘comedian’ was a New Zealander, Rose Matafeo. If you can find even one significant contribution from her (humorous or otherwise) over the 30 minutes, please submit a comment saying what it was, and the time segment.
Thousands of British comedians could (and would) have made stronger contributions to the show, given the chance. Frankly, a Savoy cabbage would have contributed more comedic content than Ms Matafeo, and cost licence fee payers a great deal less.
BBC licence fee payers deserve better than this.

28 Oct 2016

Breaking WikiLeaks Revelations & US Pipeline Protests

The newest and dirtiest Wikileaks revelations and what they mean. Lee Camp interviews investigative journalist Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks. Then watch Lee uncover evidence that Big Oil is creating fake online personas to fight against the water protectors in North Dakota, USA.

Alice Fraser, Australian ‘Comedian’, Seeks To Discredit ‘The Red Pill’ With The Relative Occurrences Of ‘He’ And ‘She’ In Australian News Articles. Predictably, An Epic (And Unfunny) Failure

Via Tom, J4MB: For some time it’s been reliably clear that any woman who describes herself as a ‘comedian’ won’t be funny, and will probably survive financially in small or large measure on money extracted from taxpayers or licence fee payers (Kate Smurfwit and the BBC come to mind).
At least with ‘comediennes’ there’s a chance they might be funny e.g. Katherine Ryan, a Canadian. Now her Wikipedai page describes her as a comedian, but we’d like to think that was the result of editing by a hatchet-faced feminist who chews on a thick slice of lemon first thing every morning, to set her expression for the day. Katherine’s own website is a delight – a masterpiece of comic writing, with a quotation of just six words.
If you feel in need of some light relief after reading the piece – or instead of reading it – we recommend this (video, 4:45) by Jim Jefferies, one of our favourite Australian comedians. It contains the immortal line:

That’s why gay guys are happy, and lesbians are fucking miserable.

Climate Of Fear

By : The Washington Post’s headline was grim: “Hundreds of colleges had zero rape reports and that could be worrisome.”
That was in 2014 when the hysteria over “the rape culture” in American colleges was just starting to take hold. Madness ensued. College and university presidents, embarrassed by zero rape reports, scrambled to explain why their campuses made the newspaper’s list. “We always operate under the assumption that zero does not really mean zero,” said a California State University spokesman defensively. “Under-reporting will happen.”
Two years on and this is the new norm on American campuses while the hysteria over sex risks grows ever more strident. What’s frightening is just how little time it took for one of the world’s leading education systems to be captured by a gender-based culture war.
Given that Australia is so clearly heading in the same direction it is instructive to see how this all happened. In the US it started with a 2007 Campus Sexual Assault Study commissioned by the US Department of Justice. The study claimed 1 in 5 college students were sexual assault victims. Although the respondents to the web-based study were self-selected and the definitions of sexual assault that were used were dubious, most media sources dutifully reported this astonishing claim.
Within a few years, universities across America were introducing “yes means yes” regulations that require students to give “enthusiastic” consent every step of the way in sexual activity.

Hillary’s Harpies Stumble In Search Of Work-Drink Balance

By Kathy Gyngell: What a wonderful world it is. Equality is a great thing isn’t it? We have much to thank it for, we really do. On one side of the pond, we see women so intoxicated with power they emulate the worst of the opposite sex. On this side we see women getting, well, just straight intoxicated.
Seeing the avid feminist and Clinton groupie, Senator Elizabeth Warren, on the news yesterday warning Donald Trump just how nasty women could be – as if he did not already know – brought me up short. "Nasty women vote', she shrieked through my TV screen from a Clinton campaign rally, as if it was something to be proud of. So that how America’s top female democrat behaves. Wow!
There they were, two women seeking high office on the grounds they can be and are as nasty as the nastiest man. Out and proud. That is where forty years of feminism has brought us. Thanks a lot. What a great virtue! The founding fathers must have been turning in their graves.
“Donald Trump disrespects – aggressively disrespects – more than half the human beings in this country”, Warner bawled as Hillary leered and gloated in appreciation, her thighs ‘woman spreading’ on a stool behind. What fun they were all having, showing they could get as down and dirty as the best (or worst) of them? Yeah – we can bully as much as the next man. Cheers and clapping.

An Article About ‘The Red Pill’ In The Daily Telegraph (Australian Edition)

Via Tom, J4MB: The piece was written by a smug male columnist, a former ‘student socialist’. An extract:
Personally, I’m not really into the whole men’s rights thing. [That’s it, ignore men’s rights, they’ll go away. Oops, they already have, and you’re too stupid to have noticed.]
Most “advocates” strike me as a little bit sad and a little bit obsessive. [I imagine the same could have been said about “advocates” for an end to slavery, improved rights for black people in the US, an end to apartheid in South Africa…]
A few are just plain creepy. [This is journalism of the lowest order. Would he not be more at home at the Australian edition of The Guardian?]
Still, from what I gleaned in the trailer — which of course I also never would have seen had the film not been banned — they didn’t seem like towering tyrants of patriarchal oppression.
Maybe that’s what upset the censors so much.

Feminists Are Choking On The Red Pill

"All the batshit crazy that the movie is inspiring in feminists."

Can You Violate Principles And Still Be Principled?

Academic Totalitarianism

Professor Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa discusses the emergence of totalitarianism in academia.

27 Oct 2016

"She Hits Me" - The Ignored Side Of Domestic Violence

Why I'm Not A Feminist

Why I'm Not A Feminist.

Don’t Let Censorship Win! The Red Pill Movie Will Be Shown In Melbourne!

By : As many will know by now Palace Cinemas cancelled the Australian premiere of The Red Pill only 11 days before the screening date. The organisers have found a new venue but they need our help. The new venue is bigger and security is being arranged. Please consider donating. Donations over A$35 include a ticket to the event.

MHRA MP Philip Davies Asks What Plans There Are To Commemorate International Men’s Day

By Mike Buchanan: Ally Fogg, a feminist commentator on gender matters, published a piece on this matter today. He makes a few good points – that makes a change – but then descends into predictable feminist ideology. The second sentence:

Philip Davies (yes, him again, I know) [My emphasis. Fogg is sneering at one of only two MPs among 650 – both Conservatives – who ever speak up for the human rights of men and boys. The other is Karl McCartney (C, Lincoln)] placed a question to the Women and Equalities ministerial team, asking how the government planned to mark International Men’s Day this year.
For sheer idiocy, this takes some beating:

Here’s the thing about men. As a gender (relatively speaking and globally) we have a lot of power. We have a lot of platforms. We often have loud voices. But as every mental health professional will tell you, as every doctor will tell you, as more than a few wives and girlfriends will tell you, one thing men tend to be absolutely terrible at is speaking about our own problems, admitting to our own vulnerabilities, confessing our own weaknesses. This is true of men as individuals and it is equally true of men as a gender.

The Launch Of AVFM Finland - The Voice Of Europe

Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff, will be joined by Lauri Mertaranta, the head of the newly-launched AVFM Finland. - In this show, we will talk about the particular issues faced by men and boys in Finland, the unique political challenges for the non-feminist message in this country and the direction which AVFM Finland will have.

Mike Buchanan Interviews 'Moby', Network4Men

Mike Buchanan, J4MB: We’re enthusiastic supporters of Network4Men, but play no role in the organization. I was pleased recently to be contacted by ‘Moby’, the ‘figurehead’ of the organization, offering an interview in London.

Tokyo Condo Market Ponzi And Observations On US Elections

Max and Stacy discuss howls at the moon as the Bank of Japan attempts to taper the Tokyo condo market ponzi. They also discuss the newly announced interventions by the UK government in the nation’s deflating property pyramid. In the second half, Max interviews journalist and comedy writer Charlie Skelton about his observations on the US elections. He concludes that Hillary is the face in the machine of the Matrix and that the craziness is the system.

Don't Diss The Dark Ages

By Charles Hugh-Smith: Much was lost when the Western Roman Empire collapsed, but islands of literacy, learning and security arose despite the constant conflicts and threats of invasion.

Once dissed as The Dark Ages, the Medieval Era is more properly viewed as a successful adaptation to the challenges of the post-Western Roman Empire era. The decline of the Western Roman Empire was the result of a constellation of challenges, including (but not limited to) massive new incursions of powerful Germanic tribes, a widening chasm between the Western and the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium), plague, an onerous tax burden on the non-elite classes, weak leadership, the dominance of a self-serving elite (sound familiar?) and last but not least, the expansion of an unproductive rabble in Rome that had to be bribed with increasingly costly Bread and Circuses.
In effect, The Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire ran out of time and money. The Grand Strategy, successful for hundreds of years, relied heavily on persuading "barbarian" tribes to join the Roman system for the commercial and security benefits. This process of integration worked because it was backed by the threat of destruction by military force.

"The Greater Israel Plan" Called Out & Ignored

26 Oct 2016

Feminist Cunts Shut Down Documentary In The Name Of Free Speech

Bearing with Karen Straughan, Alison Tieman, Doctor Randomercam, Doge and more. - A group of feminists lead by anon "Susan Smith" created a petition on change.org to get the Melbourne showing of "the red pill" shut down due to "extreme soggy-knees." They managed to get the Palace Cinema to yank the showing after they hit ~2400 signatures. Cassie Jaye, the filmmaker and the chaps at Men's Rights Melbourne have written a newsletter and created a petition to reinstate the film. Other parties have also created petitions.

Behind The Song - LOWKEY

GlobalFaction series featuring Artists offering an insight into the motives, feelings and inspiration behind their songs.

BOHICA + Ban The NeoCon + The Fly - WB7

What Makes Jewish Israeli Apartheid “Special”?

By Rod Such: Israel and South Africa: The Many Faces of Apartheid, a collection of essays edited by historian Ilan Pappe, takes for granted the validity of the assertion that Israel is an apartheid state.
Instead, what this book explores are the similarities and dissimilarities between Israel today and South Africa during its apartheid era.
Pappe claims that understanding the historical roots of these commonalities and differences is essential to realizing why Israeli apartheid is of “a special type” and has been more difficult to overcome.
Israel and South Africa: The Many Faces of Apartheid, edited by Ilan Pappe, Zed Books (2015)
While the book opens with essays that provide overwhelming evidence of the apartheid nature of the Israeli state, it concludes with several essays suggesting why new perspectives are needed to defeat this special type of apartheid. 
The overlap and differences between Israeli and South African apartheid became apparent in a single year, 1948. That year the white minority South African government proclaimed apartheid (Afrikaans for “apart” or “separate”) to be official state policy, establishing laws that rigidly separated whites from the Black majority while claiming 87 percent of the land for whites.
The same year a minority settler-colonial population officially proclaimed the establishment of a Jewish state. Israel’s foundation involved the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians, with the explicit aim of establishing an overwhelming Jewish majority – on more than three-quarters of the land – while rigidly separating itself from the newly created Palestinian Arab minority.

Naked At Gender Gap: The WEF Report - MGTOW

"Could it be that the real problem is feminist statistics?" Said The Backlash!

Another Promising Male Contraceptive On The Way

Raging Golden Eagle: If this works out, we will have our own pill that kicks in fast and lasts a few days. Say goodbye to the baby trap gentlemen!

Does The Russian Government Have A Reality Disconnect?

By Paul Craig Roberts: During the decades-long Cold War the belief in America was that the Soviet Union had an ideology of world domination. Every nationalist movement, such as Vietnam’s effort to throw off French colonialism, was misinterpreted as another domino falling to Soviet world conquest. This mistaken American belief persisted despite Stalin’s purge of the Trotsky elements that preached world revolution. Stalin declared: “socialism in one country.”
As the Soviets did not have the aim that the US attributed to them, the two governments could cooperate in reducing the dangerous tensions that nuclear weapons presented.
The rise of the American neoconservatives and their doctrine of US world hegemony has given the United States the expansionist ideology formerly attributed to the Soviets. Only this time the expansionist ideology is real. Yet, Russia’s foreign minister, Lavrov, said today that “we [the US and Russia] have no ideological differences which make the Cold War inevitable.” https://sputniknews.com/politics/201610251046697689-lavrov-russia-cold-war/
The inability of the Russian government to understand that the neoconservative ideology of US world hegemony is the driving force of US foreign policy leaves Lavrov puzzled at the high level of hostility toward Russia. As Lavrov believes that there are no ideological differences between the two countries, he doesn’t understand the hostility. However, he does understand that this hostility toward Russia is a negation of Cold War rules that both countries avoid surprising the other with what could be perceived as a dangerous threat.

Will ICC See Through JSIL's [Jewish State of Israel in the Levant] Sham Justice?

By Charlotte Silver: For decades, Israel’s crimes against Palestinians living under its military occupation were subject to little more oversight than that of public opinion. This may soon change, and Israel is putting on a show of applying the law in order to evade accountability.
Nearly two years ago, the Palestinian Authority, with non-member state status at the United Nations, ratified the Rome Statute, giving it access to the International Criminal Court.
With war crimes files now formally submitted, for the first time Israel may be held accountable outside its own courts, thus posing a test of the ICC’s mandate “to combat impunity and prevent the recurrence of violence.”

Information That Could Change The Course Of The US Election

Gerald Celente on Alex Jones.

25 Oct 2016

BDS Changed Its Goal Statement Once Again

By Gilad Atzmon: When the call for Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions of Israeli goods was established in 2005 in Ramallah its first demand was for Israel to:
 “End[ing] its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantl[ing] the Wall” (http://www.bdsmovement.net/call)
This call didn’t leave room for interpretation. Back in 2005, the BDS movement disputed the legitimacy of the Jewish State.
But in 2010, its primary goal was changed significantly into:
“Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands occupied in June 1967 and dismantling the Wall.”
This change didn’t leave much room for a doubt. The BDS has become an instrument to legitimise the Jewish State within its pre 1967 borders.
There was no public record of the process that led to this change. And, as if to prove its deceptive nature, the change appeared only in English and has never been integrated into any of the official BDS publications in Arabic. It is likely that most Palestinians were not aware of the change made on their behalf by people who claim to be their ‘grassroots’ representatives.

By Cooperating With Washington On Syria Russia Walked Into A Trap

By Paul Craig Roberts: A month ago I wrote a column , “He Who Hesitates Is Lost—And Russia Hesitated.” http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/09/24/he-who-hesitates-is-lost-and-russia-hesitated-paul-craig-roberts/ The consequences of this hesitation are now apparent:
1. A UN report orchestrated by Washington has accused Syria and Russia of war crimes in Aleppo. According to the report, “indiscriminate airstrikes across the eastern part of the city by Government forces and their allies [Russia] are responsible for the overwhelming majority of civilian casualties. These violations constitute war crimes. And if knowingly committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against civilians, they constitute crimes against humanity.” http://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=20723&LangID=E
The UN Human Rights Council has now voted to start an “independent” investigation. The purpose of the investigation is to indict Russia and Putin as war criminals and to “bring to justice those responsible for the alleged abuses.” Moreover, “the situation should be urgently referred to the International Criminal Court. Every party to this conflict must know that they will be held accountable for the international crimes they commit – all, without selective protection or discrimination.” Keep in mind that Washington provides the largest share of the UN’s budget, and the UN will overlook that it was Washington that sent ISIS to Aleppo.

Detroit BT-1000 LSE Shoots A Gun At Her House As Her Kids Watch In Horror

"The full video of this woman acting a slap fool in front of the world for facebook likes and crap like that. Basically shows you everything I've said about black women." Said Tommy Sotomayor.

Global Warming Scam Exposed

By Michael Shedlock: When you are willing to pay for global warmingresearchthat has a predetermined outcome, all you do is open the door for fraud.
 Please consider Top University Passed Off Rivals’ Research to Bankroll Climate Change Agenda:

One of the world’s leading institutes for researching the impact of global warming has repeatedly claimed credit for work done by rivals – and used it to win millions from the taxpayer.

An investigation by The Mail on Sunday also reveals that when the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) made a bid for more Government funds, it claimed it was responsible for work that was published before the organisation even existed. Last night, our evidence was described by one leading professor whose work was misrepresented as ‘a clear case of fraud – using deception for financial gain’. The chairman of the CCCEP since 2008 has been [Left] Nick Stern, a renowned global advocate for drastic action to combat climate change.

On Friday, the CCCEP – based jointly at the London School of Economics and the University of Leeds – will host a gala at the Royal Society in London in the peer’s honour. Attended by experts and officials from around the world, it is to mark the tenth anniversary of the blockbuster Stern Review, a 700-page report on the economic impact of climate change. The review was commissioned by Tony Blair’s Government.

“The Rubin Report” Interviews Cassie Jaye On Feminism And Men’s Rights Activists (Part 1 Of 2)

By : “The Red Pill” director Cassie Jaye tells the world on “The Rubin Report” about feminism and the men’s rights movement. Hold on world, here is your wake-up call.

What The US Lame-Stream Media Is Not Covering

Max and Stacy continue their discussion of the WikiLeaks revelations about Hillary Clinton with a look at her statements on the Asia Pacific region. In the second half, Max interviews Dan Collins of TheChinaMoneyReport.com about the significance of the state visit to China by the Philippines’ president, Rodrigo Duterte, and whether or not Hillary Clinton can implement her planned aggressive military build-up in the Asia Pacific without the Philippines on board.