28 Oct 2016

Alice Fraser, Australian ‘Comedian’, Seeks To Discredit ‘The Red Pill’ With The Relative Occurrences Of ‘He’ And ‘She’ In Australian News Articles. Predictably, An Epic (And Unfunny) Failure

Via Tom, J4MB: For some time it’s been reliably clear that any woman who describes herself as a ‘comedian’ won’t be funny, and will probably survive financially in small or large measure on money extracted from taxpayers or licence fee payers (Kate Smurfwit and the BBC come to mind).
At least with ‘comediennes’ there’s a chance they might be funny e.g. Katherine Ryan, a Canadian. Now her Wikipedai page describes her as a comedian, but we’d like to think that was the result of editing by a hatchet-faced feminist who chews on a thick slice of lemon first thing every morning, to set her expression for the day. Katherine’s own website is a delight – a masterpiece of comic writing, with a quotation of just six words.
If you feel in need of some light relief after reading the piece – or instead of reading it – we recommend this (video, 4:45) by Jim Jefferies, one of our favourite Australian comedians. It contains the immortal line:

That’s why gay guys are happy, and lesbians are fucking miserable.


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