12 Oct 2016

Christina Hoff Sommers @ CSULA

CSULA Young Americans for Freedom welcoms the "Factual Feminist", Christina Marie Hoff Sommers to their campus for a livestreamed event titled, "Where Feminism Went Wrong". Christina is an American author, former philosophy professor, and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a conservative think tank. Sommers is known for her critique of contemporary feminism. Her work includes the books Who Stole Feminism? (1994) and The War Against Boys (2000), and her writing has been featured in a variety of different media outlets, including The New York Times, Time, and The Atlantic. She also hosts a video blog called The Factual Feminist.

Cal State LA is the hotbed of far leftist activity. Ever since it's forced implementation of "diversity courses" where students are forced to take courses that help indoctrinate students to have a radical view on race, gender and culture. Our chapter hosted Ben Shapiro on February 25th and had to deal with a mob of over 100 students blockading the doors and almost inciting a riot. Recently Cal State LA has been on the news for it's segregated housing that it offers to students to protect them from micro aggressions. Cal State LA offers a minor, certification and post baccalaureate certificate in Woman's Gender and Sexual Studies. Some of these gender studies fulfill the diversity requirement that students MUST take in order to graduate form Cal State La. There are 47 gender studies courses offered at Cal State LA. There is also a feminist club on campus, that embraces the radical ideas of intersectionality and has participated in the violent demonstrations that happened at Cal State La. Cal State La forces clubs on campus to attend a mandatory sexual Assault training where rape culture and all sorts of feminist propaganda are spewed out to the students. Clubs are required to send 2 people from each organization and fraternity's and sorority's are required to send ALL of its members to the sexual assault training. The Cross Cultural Center also offers a guide to being a woman on campus and warns of the various feminists myths put out such as rape culture and patriarchy.

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