26 Oct 2016

Feminist Cunts Shut Down Documentary In The Name Of Free Speech

Bearing with Karen Straughan, Alison Tieman, Doctor Randomercam, Doge and more. - A group of feminists lead by anon "Susan Smith" created a petition on change.org to get the Melbourne showing of "the red pill" shut down due to "extreme soggy-knees." They managed to get the Palace Cinema to yank the showing after they hit ~2400 signatures. Cassie Jaye, the filmmaker and the chaps at Men's Rights Melbourne have written a newsletter and created a petition to reinstate the film. Other parties have also created petitions.

Honey Badger stream on censorship at 6 PM Eastern today:

If anyone has any information about the organization headed by anon “Susan Smith” or about this situation, please send it to:


Feminist petition to shut down screening of "the red pill":

Men's Rights Melborne petition to reinstate "the red pill":

Additional Petitions:
Currently has the highest amount of signatures: https://www.change.org/p/stop-extremi...

Announcement of cancellation:


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