29 Oct 2016

Rose Matafeo And The Death Of Comedy On The BBC

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Have I Got News For You is a ‘topical panel show’ which has been broadcast on BBC TV since 1990, 26 years ago. The team captains (with the odd break or two) have been the insufferably smug Ian Hislop, and Paul Merton, a once-talented comedian who seems ever more embarrassed with each show, presumably at how much money he’s earning in return for so little effort.
To say the programme is tired would be an understatement. Almost all BBC comedy is dead, or dying, because of the influence of feminists at the state broadcaster. Sandi Toxic is currently killing QI, only hatchet-faced BBC feminazis could ever have imagined she could replace Stephen Fry. BBC feminists are parasites, one and all.
I very seldom watch Have I Got News For You these days, but I watched tonight’s episode. The token female ‘comedian’ was a New Zealander, Rose Matafeo. If you can find even one significant contribution from her (humorous or otherwise) over the 30 minutes, please submit a comment saying what it was, and the time segment.
Thousands of British comedians could (and would) have made stronger contributions to the show, given the chance. Frankly, a Savoy cabbage would have contributed more comedic content than Ms Matafeo, and cost licence fee payers a great deal less.
BBC licence fee payers deserve better than this.


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