1 Oct 2016

Sent To Separate Prisons To Be Kept Apart, How Did Lesbian Couple Jailed For 47 Years For Torturing & Murdering Their Son, 2, Manage To Share A Kiss In The Street?

Via Martin, J4MB: An extract of this story:
A shocked eyewitness told the Daily Record he saw two G4S security vans behind a shopping centre, and both the prisoners were there at the same time.
They are believed to have been attending meetings at Fife’s Kingdom Centre.
He said: ‘The vehicles caught my eye before I saw them – they are a very distinctive couple. It’s difficult to miss Nyomi – she’s a very large and imposing figure.
‘They were both chained to a female officer and there were four other male security guards too.
‘It looked like they’d come out of the registry office, which I thought was odd because they’ve already had a civil wedding.
‘Nyomi’s face was tripping her until Rachel moved over and gave her a kiss before they climbed into separate vans. It was very unusual but the guards were pretty relaxed about everything.’


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