20 Oct 2016

Sheffield University ‘Safety Wardens’ Paid To Help Students Report Each Other For Rape

By Kieran Corcoran: Students at a British university are being paid to act as sexual assault look-outs on nights out, it has emerged.
Sheffield University students are employed to attend club nights where they can encourage students to make complaints against one another.
The so-called “safety stewards” are given training in advance to help them deal with harassment.
Though they are told not to “intervene” in any disputes, they are taught to refer potential victims to the authorities to help them complain.
The stewards play a part in an increasingly robust “zero tolerance policy” towards sex assaults at Sheffield.
Describing the system in an interview with Heat Street, Sheffield SU women’s officer Serena Cavasin said: “If they see one student is visibly upset, and they might have not seen what happened, they can say: 'We’ve got this zero tolerance policy to sexual harassment, so if you want to come with me and if you want to talk to security we can note down this has happened so we can take action.'”


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