10 Oct 2016

The Red Pill Movie Review + Red Carpet Moments

An Ear for Men: Come join us on the 14th in N. Hollywood!

Red Carpet Moments

By : I’m still riding high on the euphoria of “The Red Pill” premiere, meeting the director, producers, and others who made this hard-hitting movie, as well as some of it’s subjects and stars. I was interviewed by the press, met Cathy Young, and spoke with Fred Hayward at length about his journey in the MRM. The Q and A allowed MHRAs to have their say unfettered, politely calling on the carpet feminists who up til now have dominated the narrative, claiming that they are helping men and boys. Until the Q and A video comes out, and this gem of a movie, whet your appetite on the various reviews and this short video that puts you on the red carpet of “The Red Pill.”

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