11 Nov 2016

Are THEY The Male Infant Genital Mutilators Or YOU? - London, Northwood United Synagogue’s Mohels

Registered Mohelim Situated In London:
Rabbi E. Aschkenasy, Rabbi J. Baumgarten, Mr. I. Beider, Mr. L. Braun, Mr. H. Brown, Rabbi M. Cohen, Dayan H. Ehrentreu, Mr U. Ellinson, Dr. D. Ezra, Mr. I. Gluck, Mr. S.G. Gluck, Dr. M. Harris, Mr. Y.M. Landau, Mr. J. Leigh, Dr. A. Levy, Dr. L. Lovat, Dr. Y. Opat, Rabbi. M. Perry, Rabbi J. Schischa, Mr. G. Schleider, Mr. Y. Schleider, Dr. B. Schreiber, Rabbi E. Schwartz, Dr. M. Sifman, Rabbi. Y. Simon, Rabbi Dr. L. Solomon, Dr. J. Spitzer, Mr. E. Spern, Rabbi. L. Sudak, Dayan. P. Toledano, Rabbi R.B. Weisz, Mr. M. Zimmer (click here for contact info)
By : The preceding have been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org and are taken from the Northwood United Synagogue’s website.
Thinking they’re helping parents, Northwood United Synagogue lists 32 practitioners of MGM on their website, and thinking they’re helping their sons, those parents pay those mutilators to cut their foreskin off.
The reason? In religious terms, from the Northwood website:
The commandment was first given to Abraham in Genesis 17, where he was told, “every male among you shall be circumcised…and it shall be a sign of a covenant”
In other words, modern religion is still taking orders from cherry picked sections of ancient texts, while ignoring others deemed too horrific to continue.
Other reasons seem to be made up. Further on at the website:
Essentially, the brit milah is an outward physical sign of the everlasting connection between God and the Jewish people. Of course, this begs the question of why God did not simply create man already circumcised. The answer encapsulates a lesson that might serve us all well for life – circumcision teaches us that just as a human being has the power to perfect the physical aspects of his body, so too is it within human ability to perfect the soul through spiritual correction.
So now we assume the male body is imperfect because it comes uncircumcised – WHAT? We have a joke in the intactivist movement about how boys are also born unlobotomized, yet we see no problem there.
But is one very important name missing from the above list of mutilators – YOURS?
As much as intactivists target the people who cut little baby’s genitals, WHO is handing those defenseless infants over to them? Until the law protects little boys the same as little girls, it’s on YOU to stop Male Genital Mutilation.
Since the synagogue has no information about the risks of circumcision, you can read that here at neonatalcutting.org.
Contact information:
Northwood Synagogue office:
Tel: 01923 820004
Fax: 01923 820020
Email: admin@northwoodus.org
21-23 Murray Road
Intactivism Bonus Information:
  • The Children’s Health & Human Rights Partnership (CHHRP) has launched a harm documentation survey focused on males of any age who were circumcised in Canada. CHHRP is Canada’s only non-profit association of doctors, nurses, lawyers, ethicists, human rights campaigners and concerned members of the general public who advocate respect for the rights of all children to bodily integrity and genital autonomy. The survey is open until April 30, 2017. Details can be found at: http://chhrp.org/index.php/news/ which contains a direct link to the survey.

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