27 Nov 2016

Lisa Shaw Interviewing Peter Lloyd

Peter Lloyd AKA The Suffragent: Men are brilliant. Being a man is brilliant. Seriously, it is. Except for penile dysmorphia, circumcision, paying the bill, becoming a weekend father, critics who've been hating on us for, well, pretty much fifty years - oh, and those pesky early deaths. Fortunately, Peter Lloyd is here to tackle the controversial topics in this fearless - and frequently hilarious - bloke bible. Part blistering polemic, part politically incorrect road map for the modern man, Stand By Your Manhood answers the burning questions facing the brotherhood today:
Should we fund the first date?
Are we sexist if we enjoy pornography?
Is penis size a political issue?
And do feminists secretly hate us?

Frank, funny and long overdue, this is the book men everywhere have been waiting for.

BBC Newcastle's Lisa Shaw interviews Peter Lloyd, journalist and author of 'Stand By Your Manhood', his incredible book about the difficulties of being a man in our modern world.  

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