28 Nov 2016

CALM: “There Could Be Great Benefit In Researching The Impact Of Testosterone Reducing Drugs On The Rates Of Suicide In Men.”

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: I’ve written many times about the irony of CALMCampaign Against Living Miserably a charity seeking to reduce the level of male suicide, being led (for the past 10 years) by Jane Powell, a radical feminist. The charity’s narratives invariably focus on the need for men to talk about their feelings more, and rarely about the state-driven stressors that lead men to suicide – denial of access to children, lack of support for male victims of domestic violence, financial destruction in the divorce courts, unemployment, and so much more.
I should be amazed if Jane Powell is not invited to give oral evidence to the Department of Health inquiry on suicide. We’ve been told it’s ‘highly unlikely’ we’ll be invited, after pointing out in our written submission that the state is the prime ‘actor’ driving men to take their lives.
Powell’s written submission to the same inquiry is here. I’d like to draw your attention to the only paragraph in section 7, ‘The need for increased research’: 
Despite the evidence that the risk of suicide is disproportionate to men as a whole when compared to women, research is often gender neutral or narrowed beyond gender (e.g. by sexual orientation or age). As a result, there is no specific research carried out on men and societal and environmental factors. Broader, gender specific research could reveal hidden causes of suicide that have not yet been explored. For instance, there could be great benefit in researching the impact of testosterone reducing drugs on the rates of suicide in men,
[my emphasis] however the current lens of research funding and its gender neutral approach does not provide a platform for such research.
Testosterone is, of course, the toxic hormone responsible for toxic masculinity. In the warped minds of feminists, reducing testosterone levels in men could only be a good thing. Most men do not give indications that they’re considering suicide, before carrying out the act. What would Powell suggest, you have to wonder – introducing these drugs into the water supply, so the testosterone levels of all men are reduced? Now that would be a radical feminist’s dream, wouldn’t it?
CALM is, predictably, a member organization of the recently-launched feminist-compliant Men and Boys Coalition.


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