9 Nov 2016

End Rape Culture Myth Protest

TheLondonGroup: On 17th October 2016 'The London Group' staged a protest against the Rape Culture myth that has developed in the UK. This is the video of that protest.

Dexter Britain - Seeing the Future
Dexter Britain - Shooting Star

If you're a man and you identify as a MGTOW, an MRA or an anti-feminist try Network4Men. It's an online resource that will help you meet other men who have a similar mindset, and become more involved in the men's movement.



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  1. Most men will not see it coming until it’s too late. All males in the UK need to wake up to the atrocious state of affairs that has arisen whilst they slept. Feminism in the west is defunct; high placed radical feminists use the shield of the army of those who subscribe to its laudable dictionary definition to wield their bigoted misandric gynocentric ideology. Worse, they do this merely to sustain a female victimhood industry, to the exclusion of at the very least half the population and the detriment of all the people. Down with modern feminism, long live egalitarianism. Out with the UN’s Emma Watson and HeForShe and in with common sense and WeForEachother.