4 Nov 2016

Glen Poole: Philip Davies’s Men’s Rights Victory Turned Me Into A Blubbering Wreck

By Mike Buchanan: Glen Poole gets in touch with his feminine side with this piece in, appropriately, the Telegraph. In common with Ally Fogg, a Guardian writer, Poole claims to be a non-feminist. In common with Fogg, his writings couldn’t make it clearer he’s a feminist. The swipes at Philip Davies MP, one of only two MPs in the House of Commons advocating for the human rights of men and boys – the other is Karl McCartney (C, Lincoln) – start early:

… it was the words of Philip Davies, known affectionately by colleagues as a sexist troglodyte, [my emphasis] that made me weep.
A paragraph in which Poole ridiculously claims an equivalence between Philip Davies’s dignified request for a parliamentary debate on the last International Men’s Day, with Jess Phillips’s response to it:

Both MPs got into a right old tizz, like a pair of toddler twins having an epic tantrum, [my emphasis] with big brother Phil effectively saying,“It’s not fair, she has got a debate, why can’t I have a debate too” and baby sister Jess seeming to retaliate with, “But, but, but my problems are much bigger than his problems, you’ve got to fix all my problems before you can talk about his problems”.
Our video (10:34) of the exchange between Davies and Phillips is here. The only MP having anything approaching ‘an epic tantrum’ was Phillips.
Most of the remainder of Poole’s piece is taken up with a plug for International Men’s Day, with which he has long been involved. An extract:

IMD is not a right-wing, anti-feminist backlash against political correctness gone mad, it’s an inclusive platform that invites everyone who is concerned about the many different issues that men and boys face, to use the day to focus on possible solutions.
An extract from the IMD website, which fails to condemn (or even mention) MGM:

IMD in the UK takes a gender inclusive approach and therefore believes in ensuring that issues affecting women and girls are also resolved.
To be fair to Poole, he has written extensively about MGM in the past.
The signatories are ‘Glen, Mark, Dan, Ally, Martin and Ben’. I know the identities of five of the six. Why do they not reveal their surnames? Maybe because they’d be revealed as known feminists, or at best not anti-feminists?


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