24 Nov 2016

Lopango Ya Banka - Mwasi [Congolese For Mangina?]

GlobalFaction: Congolese hip hop group Lopango Ya Banka 'Mwasi' this song talks about the strength and power of women and how in society today women are not respected as they should be. The song calls on all men to remember where they come from and to acknowledge the important role of women in all aspects of life - Lopango ya Banka is a politically, Spiritually and Socially Conscious group promoting Ancestral Wisdom, Self-determination, Freedom and African Unity.

Mwasi ~ Congolese For Mangina?
Angelo: Love the music and video, first class. ...Not so sure about the ultra traditionalist/feminist message flashed up for a split second at the end. The radical feminists will love you for being such a simp. May I suggest you leave out that sexist UN 'HeForShe' friendly bollocks of misandric and gynocentric African proverbs like 'teaching a man is teaching an individual and teaching a woman is teaching a nation', ...because its a load of bollocks and it's seriously making my ass twitch. There's invariably some mangina talking down men as a group in order to ingratiate them selves for the chance of some pussy, ...I'm saying that's bad form and part of the reason our society and the family have disintegrated. Imagine if a proverb said the opposite, i.e. that teaching a woman was in effect a waste of time, better to teach the men instead...

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