23 Nov 2016

Plastic Surgeons May Face FGM Charges For Operating On Women Who Reportedly Paid Privately For Cosmetic ‘Designer Vaginas’

By Mike Buchanan: Wherever it is carried out, FGM is overwhelmingly carried out by women, at the behest of women. Staff across the feminist-riddled criminal justice system are surely aware of this reality, but for ideological reasons will not pursue the prime culprits, middle-aged and elderly black women, which would better protect girls from suffering the procedure.
Right: Before And After Cosmetic 'Designer Vagina' Surgery.
Feminists are determined to pin the problem on men, so now the police / CPS plan to retrospectively criminalise cosmetic operations on women who’ve reportedly paid privately, treating the operations as FGM. We can be confident the targeted surgeons will be male.
Today The Times published a short piece on the matter. It ends:

Sinitta, the singer, recently said that she planned to have her own vaginoplasty broadcast online.
The patriarchs who ordered her to do this have yet to be identified.


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