20 Nov 2016

Mother Who Tortured And Killed Her Toddler Son Alongside Lesbian Lover, Wins Right To Appeal Murder Conviction

Via Ken, J4MB: Excerpts:
The twisted pair spent two years torturing Liam before finally killing him at their Fife home in March 2014.
He suffered fatal heart injuries similar to those found on road crash victims and spent the last few days of his short life in agony from an untreated broken leg and fractured arm.
He died when his heart ruptured from blows to his chest – and a pathologist found he had more than 30 injuries, including a fractured upper arm and thigh.
The evil pair – originally from Ryton, Tyne and Wear – were also behind a catalogue of unspeakable cruelty against two boys in their care, one of whom they tried to blame for Liam’s death.
Their trial heard one of the boys had been imprisoned in a cage made from a fire guard, with his his hands tied behind his back.
Another boy was tied naked to a chair in a dark room with nine snakes and several rats, forcing him to eat his own vomit and telling him a boa constrictor ‘ate naughty little boys’.
Nyomi had attempted to frame one of the boys by forcing him to put his hand in the dead toddler’s mouth to ensure a transfer of DNA…
Jurors considering their verdict against Fee may have felt the evidence in front of them meant that it was more appropriate to hand down a guilty verdict to culpable homicide than murder, he [Gavin Anderson, defence counsel] said.
Lady Paton said: ‘We will allow the appeal to proceed.’

'Rachel Fee, 31, Mother Who Tortured And Killed Her Toddler Son Alongside Her Lesbian Lover, Wins Right To Appeal Her Murder Conviction'

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