10 Nov 2016

The Election Of Trump Means It Is Game Over For Feminism

By Herbert Purdy: Overnight, the news came in that Donald Trump has decisively won the US Presidential Election. His opponent, Hillary Clinton, and her nakedly feminist election machine threw every feminist insult in the book at him, and none of it succeeded in bringing him down. Even the outrageously biased mainstream media, which acted as an extension of her campaign, producing bogus polls that showed her winning hands down, failed. What is more, massive globalist forces behind her were working to wreck his campaign, but this singularly powerful man just stood on the stump and pointed to the ballot box. 
     Like the fight at the OK Corral, this was the final showdown between the subversive Marxist political movement, playing the long game, and the power of the democracy it has been seeking to subvert. And it took the self-reliant, self-made, self-assured, absolutely alpha-male, Donald Trump, the perfect example of the American dream-come-true, to do it.
      For 45 years, the feminist/progressive/social justice movement, using the tactics of Saul Alinksy, Hillary Clinton’s mentor, whose subversive principles of social engineering, Rules for Radicals, published in 1971, is the bible of the progressive feminist left, has sought to undermine and subvert the deepest values of American and western civilisation: values that were hard won by countless generations of people, and all too frequently with the blood of their menfolk.

This left wing nexus has infiltrated the Democratic Party in America, and it has been able to create a web of influence of gigantic proportions. Its activists have subverted, and perverted, the finest principles on which nations like the US were built, and they now control our lives. Yet, in just one day, they have been sent spinning like skittles.
The self-satisfied celebrities and the arrogant, empty, talking heads that have been appearing on NBC, MSNBC, and CNN (more commonly called the Clinton News Network), and the biased print media, such as the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and the Washington Post, have been spinning Clinton, producing bogus opinion polls that purported to show her ahead, all wrapped up in their version of the world in which their lies and dogma are accepted as truth, and it has all come to nothing.

Just as happened in the Brexit, the common people of America were the drivers of this seismic event. It was white working class men who turned out in their droves (no doubt in many cases accompanied by their women) who made the difference.
This election was characterised by the fathers, the husbands, the wage earners and providers for their families of America rising up in a mass movement, and going to the ballot box quietly and with dignity  to do the only thing they could do, which is vote for change. It was the loving, caring, responsible men: those who daily, weekly, make the lifelong sacrifice of work to support their families, who quietly went to the ballot box in their droves to defend the society which men created, and which they hold together every day. And, collectively, they said ‘Enough is enough!’

It is the men with a strong man as their leader who said an emphatic ‘No!’ to the relentless destruction of their social power, which is theirs by right, because it was conferred on them by generations of men’s social sacrifice, all too often sealed by their blood on a foreign field.
And prominent in their ranks were the older men, the grandfathers – those with wisdom and common sense, and who have been the focus of the feminists’ attack on patriarchy – who got behind the arch patriarch, Trump, and sent him to the White House so that he could restore their nation and wrest control of it back from the effete, Marxist élitists, and the arch-feminist, Hillary Clinton. These men used the system of democracy, which men devised, to restore their nation to its values, just like it says on the tin.
I truly believe that the common man of America has simply thumbed his nose at identity politics, grievance cultures, climate change hysteria, alleged experts telling him what is right and wrong, and politicians levelling accusations that he is a racist for simply wanting to guard his hard-won freedom and his way of life being from being swamped by aliens and their cultures. He has rejected being called a sexist, or a misogynist, simply because pc professors, who have corrupted our seats of learning by making feminism appear legitimate, say it is wrong to criticise feminists, or speak crudely about women, as men do.

The common man (and his wife too) have eschewed anti-exceptionalism because they know that what they have inherited from their forebears is exceptional, and they have backed a man who says he doesn’t have time for political correctness. That is why they have anointed Donald Trump as their champion because he was the one man who was man enough to take a stand against Hillary Clinton even when he patently didn’t need to because he was wealthy enough.
To be honest, I really don’t care what sort of a president Donald Trump makes. (Although I have a sneaking suspicion that he might turn out to be one America’s finest). I believe that his election is more symbolic. It is a major turning point in the fight against feminism and its Marxist progressive political ideology that has come very close to bringing great nations like America, Britain, Canada, and Australia low.
I believe that the men of America have finally seen saw what was in store for them and their children – particularly for their sons – and they blocked the election of the high priestess of feminism, Hillary Rodham Clinton. I believe they saw only too clearly what was in store for them in the behind-the scenes activities of Elizabeth Warren, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Donna Brazile, and a horde of other feminist women whom Clinton had gathered around her, and who would comprise her inner circle.
I believe these men saw the true nature of Hillary Clinton and her cabal, many of them drawn from the superficial, morally-corrupt world of show business. The so-called celebrities in whose aura she openly basked on stage in the final days of her campaign. I believe it was men, many of them so-called uncommitted voters, who rejected the froth and the filth that was being openly paraded before them, and who re-embraced the true values upon which their nation is founded: heterosexual marriage, commitment of men and women to each other for life, creating and building families with fathers, in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness – and the revolting practice of partial-birth abortion, which Hillary Clinton refused to condemn.

I believe the men of America sensed that the totalitarian viciousness of feminism was about to find its final expression in their nation with the election of its first woman president, and they stopped it just in time.
The war against feminism isn’t over by any means. There are many battles left to fight if we are to restore our respective nations to normality and undo the horrible mess of injustice towards, and calumny of, men that feminists continue to inflict on us. I am not that naive to think that the election of Donald Trump is the final defeat of feminism and its war against men. However, I do believe that the long march of Marxist-progressive-feminism through our societies has been exposed, and that people have seen it for what it is.
For reasons that I spell out in my book Their Angry Creed, I believe that the failure to elect Hillary Clinton, one of the original, gilt-edged, Marxist women’s liberationists from the 1970s, could be the final blow to third-wave feminism.
This superannuated radical is one of the last of her generation, and neither she nor they will return. With her passing, politically speaking, although it is clear that Michelle Obama will be a future candidate, I think feminism’s bolt is finally shot as a political movement. The game is up for it, and it took Donald Trump to say, ‘You’re fired Hillary!’


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