19 Nov 2016

The Hansard Record Of The International Men’s Day Debate

By Philip Davies: I thank everyone who has participated in this debate. We have heard some fantastic speeches. The hon. Member for Coventry North East (Colleen Fletcher) made a fantastic speech. I was very interested and pleased to hear about the excellent work of It Takes Balls to Talk. My hon. Friend the Member for Mole Valley (Sir Paul Beresford) made a typically fantastic speech, even though he had to admit that Australia was ahead of us in some ways. I am sure it was a painful thing for him to have to admit, but we are grateful to him for pointing it out.
The hon. Member for Rutherglen and Hamilton West (Margaret Ferrier) made a terrific speech highlighting the work that Breathing Space does in her area. I am delighted that she has had the opportunity to mention that. Likewise, my hon. Friend the Member for Eastleigh (Mims Davies) made a passionate and impressive speech, and again I am delighted that she was able to highlight Men’s Sheds and Movember, even though I will not be participating in the latter—much to everyone’s relief.
I am sorry that the hon. Member for Ochil and South Perthshire (Ms Ahmed-Sheikh) rather trivialised today’s debate by talking about women instead of men. I am sure the fact that she thinks international men’s day is every day is very little comfort to the 134,554 men who have committed suicide over the last 30 years. I found that regrettable.
Finally, I am pleased that we agreed on one thingequality. I believe in gender equality, and I very much hope that after this debate, men and women will be treated equally by the courts when they get sentenced.

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Our thanks to two whiny, gormless, toxic feminist MPs – Paula Sherriff (Labour) and Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh (SNP) – for getting mentions of the second International Conference on Men’s Issues, our party, and our awards for whiny / gormless / toxic / lying feminists into Hansard.

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