12 Nov 2016

We're Not In Africa Any More

I hear the salt crashing on your dreams
Up the skirts of liberty to grab her by the pussy.
But there's no sand in her va-Gee
'cause Lady Justice sucked it clean and turned it to a smoothie
A straight white man got in the way
and turned the gold star lesbian scene into a video nasty
In other words fuck you Hillary. There'll be no more royal dynasties.

Gotta say I thought they'd have their way with you
And you were nothing but a hundred million SJWs
I bless the reds of America
I never thought I'd say this but it's good to have you back

Regressives riot in the streets
Looking for a magic anal wand to cure their butthurt
But nothing seems to soothe the pain
Except of course complaining bout the white men and their parents
And they all said they'd move up north
'cause it's the only side without a wall

The media said we'd need a miracle
But it's nothing that a hundred undecided votes can't do
I almost came at Pennsylvania
It only takes a term to unhinge the Democrats

(((Now the S of A are truly U)))

You'll never take our Haram bae from us
And now all of your rare pepes belong to us
I bless you Maine and California
At least you passed recreational marijuana
I bless the evangelicals and the baptists
The presbyterians and all the methodists
I bless the mormons and of course the catholics
For putting into office a de facto atheist
So #DrainTheSwamp before
It is too late for Canada
Thomases Paine and Jefferson
Your dream's alive in everything except Portland

As tempting as it was to reap the spoils of the salt mines, I thought I'd stand outside it and build a small devotional statue from the run-offs. It took two days to create a colossus.

Look, an album: http://www.drrandomercam.bandcamp.com

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