14 Dec 2016

Andy Pandy - Vaginal Vampire

Bearing: Do not watch this video before dinner. Andy Pandy is a special kind of guy - he's got a lot of love to give and can sometimes go a bit overkill in the passion department; as we will see. Originally a three part series, a bonus fourth part has just been produced and will be released in coming days. Regards, Bearing.

Angelo: In a former life for around a decade an a half I was a hotel manager and let me tell you, like 6oodfella, I've seen some shit. - It's a tough job, but there are perks like a free full English breakfast in the morning. At one such morning feast nearly thirty years ago one customer entered the breakfast hall having clearly spent the morning bloody muff diving. - Thing is it had clearly all taken place in the dark; furthermore his partner was obviously on her period. Being the consummate professional, I quickly approached the man with a quiet word and a half cheeky grin, "You need to go back to your room via a mirror, ...everyone in the dining room knows what you've just been up to. ...He took it fairly well. ;)

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