25 Dec 2016

Barry Wright Presents A Screening Of ‘The Red Pill’ In Norwich, 18 January

Special guests Cassie Jaye, Erin Pizzey, Paul Elam, DrRandomerCam (hopefully) and myself. Let’s do what we can to help defray his costs.
By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Barry Wright is a remarkable man, who lives in Norwich. He’s arranged for a screening of The Red Pill in Norwich on the evening of 18 January, tickets are free to those who order from EventBrite through the associated crowdfunder site, here. Click on the link in the section, ‘Where, when, and how much to see it?’
Barry is facing a very considerable bill for hosting the event, because he’s underwriting the travel (including air travel) costs and hotel accommodation costs for the ‘special guests’ – Cassie Jaye, Erin Pizzey, Paul Elam, DrRandomerCam (hopefully) and myself. We’ll be attending the screening, and appearing in the Q&A session. Barry is also underwriting other costs associated with the event.
Barry is not a rich man, however, so he’s just launched the crowdfunder. It has a target of £7,500, which I happen to know would not cover all his costs, even if it’s reached. So I would ask the good supporters of J4MB, and others interested in promoting The Red Pill, to donate what they can afford to Barry’s crowdfunder, to help mitigate his outlay. Thank you.

Screening The Red Pill in Norwich
I'm hosting the screening of the movie The Red Pill in Norwich with many special guests attending (For a full list of special guests see below). I would like help  covering part of the expenses in hosting this fantastic movie.

These expenses include:
- Travel and accommodation for the special guests
- Licencing
- Venue and equipment hire

The event will still be going ahead however any help in covering the heavy costs involved would be greatly appreciated! The target does not cover the full costs but does go a long way towards it.
The showing is completely free and as all costs are being covered by me, this campaign is to try and reduce this cost only. Any profits above these costs will be either spent on improving the event or donated to a relevant charity.

*This fund raiser is not aimed at making any profit and I refuse to do so out of principle!

Are there any stretch goals?
In the event more money is donated above the target this will go towards attempting to get more special guests and cover their costs to get here. if no more guests are found or more money is raised than is needed as stated already the extra will be donated to a good cause (likely a charity related to the movies subject material)

Film Synopsis:
This documentary covers a Feminists Journey into the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM). Join Cassie Jaye as she falls down the deep and complex rabbit hole of men’s issues. The film starts as Cassie finds out about this supposedly misogynistic group of men online who post controversial articles and have been heavily criticised by the main stream media. Only when she digs deeper she finds those in the group raise genuine questions and concerns and begins to question her initial assumptions about the movement.

Where, When and how much to see it?
The movie is being hosted in Norwich (UK) for free on the 18th of January at 7PM (click here to book tickets) and Cassie Jaye along with many other special guests will be attending for a Q and A panel after to make this event special (for those who wish to stay after the film).

Guest List:
Cassie Jaye - The film-maker herself
Mike Buchanan - Leader of the Justice for Men and Boys party
Erin Pizzey - Founder of the first domestic abuse shelter
Paul Elam - President of A Voice For Men
DrRandomerCam (*hopefully) - popular youtuber and MRA


Why are you hosting the event?
This is quite a difficult question to answer concisely but the short answer is I believe its raising important issues that have previously often been ignored or worse suppressed. I’m also a strong believer in free speech and despite the documentary being perfectly reasonable there are those who wish to silence/supress its release and I refuse to let them win!

Thank you and please give what you can, although the event will go ahead anyway it means allot to me that people are willing to donate and help make this event great with me!
Help spread the word!


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