2 Dec 2016

Cherie Blair: There’s A Backlash Against Women

Via Jeff, J4MB: Cherie Blair’s reflections on BBC Newsnight – a particularly feminist-compliant programme, the anchor man being the supine Evan Davies. An extract:
“I think we can’t just focus on the individual personalities. It’s about what is it that enables women to get to the top? And there does appear to be some kind of backlash.
“And what I fear is that we’ve rather given permission for people to say things which I thought that we’d stopped giving that permission…
“What seems to be a shame at the moment is we are getting things which are unacceptable which are being said, and being said by people who frankly should know better. And I think that’s a bad thing.”
“… we’ve rather given permission for people to say things which I thought that we’d stopped giving that permission.”?!!! Who the hell does this damnable woman think she is, speaking in such an imperious way? Big Sister, a sibling of Big Brother, denounding people for thoughtcrime? The harridan has become a compelling candidate for this month’s Toxic Feminist of the Month award.
The BBC piece mentions the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. We recently posted a piece about why we could not support the feminist-compliant Men and Boys Coalition. An extract:

So, who is behind the ‘coalition’? Nobody is claiming leadership – what does that tell you? – but the ideological direction is clear from many of the organizations and individual members. They include feminist bloggers such as Ally Fogg and Glen Poole, and radical feminists including Jane Powell (CALM Initiative) and Jenny Garrett. From Garrett’s website:
Jenny’s mission is to transform the world for everyone, one empowered woman at a time. She use’s (sic) her years of experience in coaching and leadership to inspire and motivate people, working with them to deliver career and life changing results beyond expectation.
Women’s Coach of the Year 2014, APCTC award winner Jenny is a sought after executive coach and trainer, author of Rocking Your Role, the how to guide to success for female breadwinners, speaker, founder of Reflexion Associates leadership consultancy and Co-Founder of Rocking Ur Teens CIC.
Jenny mentors women entrepreneurs and executives internationally for the Cherie Blair Foundation and was a finalist for the PRECIOUS Mentor of the Year 2012. She is a selected Sage Business Expert.
The ‘coalition’ considers Garrett a qualified commentator on issues affecting men and boys. On International Women’s Day this year, I debated with her on Sky Newshere (video, 14:49).

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