1 Dec 2016

International Conference On Men’s Issues - 2017 Australia


New Zealand Style Hangi

Frequently Asked Questions

Before emailing us to ask for help or to ask questions about the event, please review the following FAQs.
If you are a member of the press or other media and wish to attend or to apply for a press pass, please be sure to read the press information page.


Q: What is this all about?
A: The International Conference on Men’s Issues is a series of annual conferences since 2014 by AVfM Education, LLC on the subject of social issues that disproportionately affect men and boys throughout their lifetime and in various circumstances.Subjects ranging from fatherlessness, fatherhood and family law to the physical and mental health of boys and men (among many more) will be presented by women and men both, all experts in their fields. Please see the program of speakers for more detail.The topic for 2015’s conference is “Men’s Mental and Legal Health in the 21st Century.
Q: Are women welcome? I’m a woman, why should I care? Don’t men “have it all” anyway?
A: Women, who make up roughly half of society, are very much welcome to ICMI because women are just as important as men in the conversation about men’s issues. Everybody has an equal voice at ICMI, just as they do at our sister publication, A Voice for Men.Any woman who has a brother, son, father, uncle, husband or male partner has every reason to be interested in the subjects we talk about because these issues directly affect her loved ones.There is a common perception in society that men “have it all” or, at any rate, don’t suffer from any social ills of any particular significance. The ICMI conference series challenges this perception and demonstrates why it is false and why it is crucial for both for men and women individually and society at large, that the social ills that disproportionately affect men need urgently be rectified.
Q: I know the conference is in Gold Coast, but you haven’t told me where. How do I know where to book a hotel?
A: We will not be announcing the exact conference venue  until one week before the event, and we will be making that announcement only to e-ticket holders.Just after you purchase your ticket, you will be sent an e-ticket by email which will include a list of hotels that will be well-situated to the conference venue and which will offer a range of affordability. You can book your hotel as soon as you have paid for your ticket.
Q: What transport options are there between my hotel and the venue?
A: There is an assortment of hotels within walking distance to the venue. Links to some of those establishments are available on the services and attractions page. The venue itself has free parking available for those who bring their own transportation.
Q: When will registration be open for collection of conference passes?
A: Registration will be open for all e-ticket holders to collect their conference passes between the hours of: Friday, 9 June: 12 noon–3 pm; Those who register on Friday are invited to attend the press conference which begins at 3:00 pm.
Saturday, 10 October: 8 am–9.15 am; This is our busiest time — please arrive as early as possible to avoid long lines!
Sunday, 11 October: 8 am–9.15 am.

Tickets and purchasing

Q: Do I need to create an account to purchase a ticket?
A: No, in fact, account creation has been disabled. If you want to make additional purchases, just go through the process as before using the same email address.
Q: Why do I have to provide my legal name? What’s this “badge name” thing?
A: At registration, you will be required to show government-issued photo ID to demonstrate that you are the rightful holder of that e-ticket. You must provide the same legal name that appears on the ID you will use. Take care that you provide the name on your ID, even if it’s not the name you usually go by (e.g. professional or married name).We recognize that many attendees are sensitive about their personal privacy, so the “badge name” field is the opportunity we provide you to specify what you want printed on the conference pass. If you don’t specify anything, we’ll print your legal name.
Q: There isn’t a quantity box for conference tickets; how do I buy more than one ticket (e.g. for my sons) in one purchase?
A: You can add as many tickets as you like to your cart before you go through checkout but you have to add them one at a time because of the legal/badge name requirement described above. Just go back to the “buy tickets” button to add more extras.
In the case that you are buying tickets for your children, use their legal names only if they have their own government-issued photo-ID (e.g. driver’s licence). If they don’t, you may use your own legal name, but you will have to be present with them to show your ID when they collect their conference passes.
Q: Are children allowed to come?
A: We encourage older minor children to come because the subject matter of our conference greatly affects their futures, both boys and girls, but some of the subject matter may not be age-appropriate for younger children so we must impose a minimum age of 16. Parents (or guardians) are responsible for the behavior and welfare of the minor children they bring to the conference.
Q: Okay, I bought a ticket. What now?
A: You should receive (within 5-15 minutes) five emails:
  • The first email is a receipt from PayPal for your payment (whether by a PayPal account or by a credit card).
  • The second email is a notification generated by our web store indicating that your order is being processed by our systems.
  • The third email is an e-ticket detailing the information we have on record. This e-ticket is the definitive record of what information we hold, so if any of this information is incorrect, please reply to the email and tell us what is wrong. An incorrect e-ticket will result in refusal of entry or service not listed on the e-ticket.
  • The fourth email will be notification that you have been subscribed to an attendees’-only mailing list for further announcements. You will only get this once: future orders will not generate this email.
  • The fifth email is a notification generated by our web store indicating that your order is complete.
Please be sure to print and bring this e-ticket along with government-issued photo ID when you arrive for registration. You will not be given your conference pass without both of these documents.
Q: I didn’t get one or more of those emails. What do I do?
A: First wait 5-15 minutes, and then check your spam folder. (Gmail users: Gmail does a poor job at sorting some types of email and sometimes puts such emails in the “Promotions” tab or similar.) If there is still nothing there, wait for a few hours in case there is some hold-up in processing elsewhere. If, after a few hours, you still haven’t recieved all of the emails described above (except as described below), you should email us and let us know.
Please tell us what email address you used to register with so we can look into where the hold-up is. If your PayPal receipt is missing and you paid with your PayPal account (as opposed to a credit card directly) you will need to get in touch with PayPal customer service, or log into your PayPal account to see what happened.
Q: I don’t have a printer. What do I do?
A: So long as you can show us your e-ticket on your mobile or similar, we will be able to get you registered — but please, in the interests in making registration as quick as possible, try to find a way to bring a printed copy.
A: I bought multiple tickets, but only got the e-ticket email and we won’t all be arriving at the same time. What do we do?
A: Forward a copy of the e-ticket email to each of the named ticket holders (or otherwise see to it that they get paper copies of the e-ticket) so that they can present the e-ticket with their ID when they each arrive. Registration will then proceed in the usual way.
Q: I bought a conference ticket, but now I want to add some options to my existing ticket. Can I do so?
A: Go through the same procedure as before. Provided you use the same email address at checkout, your existing e-ticket will be amended with your extra purchases and the e-ticket will be re-issued after the purchase is complete. Again check your e-ticket to make sure all is as it should be.
Q: I bought fewer extras (e.g. dinner tickets) than conference tickets, and my e-ticket shows that extras are attached to the wrong conference tickets. What do I do?
A: Extras are automatically assigned in the order in which conference tickets were purchased. If the extras got attached to the wrong conference ticket(s), email us and let us know which tickets the extras should be attached to. We’ll change it and re-issue the e-ticket.
Q: What are CEUs, and why would I need them?
A: All mental health professionals must acquire a certain number of Continuing Education Units every year in order to maintain their licence to practice. ICMI is licensed to issue CEU units, and the CEUs option in the shop catalog is for those who wish to be issued a certificate showing the CEUs they gained by attending the conference. Nobody else needs them but, of course, if you want something (other than your e-ticket) to frame and hang on the wall, by all means, you are welcome to order one anyway.
Q: I bought a ticket, but I’ve changed my mind or something has suddenly come up and I can’t come. Do you offer refunds?
A: We’re sorry, but all sales are final.

If your question still has still not been answered, please email the e-ticket support team for e-ticket related inquiries or the general inquiries team for anything else. Alternatively, visit the Contact us page for further contact options.

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