11 Dec 2016

Mike Buchanan And Rabbi Natan Levy Discuss Male Infant Ritual Genital Mutilation MGM - BBC 3

This was the third time that Jonathan Vernon-Smith - 'JVS' - covered the issue of MGM on his BBC 3 Counties Radio programme, including Mike Buchanan in the dicussion, and with Jewish proponents of MGM on each occasion. We admire his honest and compassionate approach to the subject. - Our discussion was followed by a phone-in, and JVS reading out listeners' texts, emails etc. At 21:58 he reads out an email submitted by the indefatigable campaigner, Patrick Smyth: "The circumcision that was imposed upon me by my late parents (who were not Jewish or Muslim) profoundly affected me as a young man and continues to affect me nearly sixty years later.
I did not know much about circumcision until I was over 50, but when I began to research it I could clearly see how much it had negatively impacted me psychologically and sexually without me being consciously aware, because I never knew what life would have been like with the whole penis that I was born with. I am appalled that this body modification was imposed on me without my consent and all the information that I have now discovered was not disclosed to me by those who solicited it on my behalf and those who actually inflicted it on me. Religion and the medical establishment that tacitly supports this human rights abuse have a lot to answer for."

Natan Levy is an Orthodox Jew, and a rabbi:


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