9 Dec 2016

New Study - Men Forced By Women To Penetrate Them

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: In our 2015 general election manifesto one of the 20 topics we covered was sexual abuse. It was the longest section in the entire 80-page-long manifesto. The start of the Background in this section:

It will come as a surprise to many, but women are responsible for a substantial proportion of sexual offences, including sexual abuses of children. A website [ref. 116] concerned with female sex offenders has a bibliography [ref. 117] of over 900 academic studies, articles, and books on the subject, dating back to 1857.
People struggle to recognize women as perpetrators of sexual and non-sexual violence, in spite of the weight of evidence showing them to be frequent perpetrators of both. This is because we live in a culture which regards men as ‘actors’ and women as ‘acted upon’. The public has become conditioned to viewing men as perpetrators, and women as victims. Alison Tieman, a Canadian men’s human rights advocate, produced an insightful short video on this matter. [ref.118]
This culture leads to inequalities. Few women are held accountable for sex offences, including those women who sexually abuse children.
It’s known from a major American survey (details below) that slightly over 25% of sex offences are committed by women against men (with no male accomplices). We would therefore expect the male/female ratio of people charged with sex offences to be a little under 3:1. In the UK, in 2013, the ratio was 146:1. [my emphasis]
(In the PDF of the manifesto, you can click on hyperlinks to get straight to the materials in question. For reasons I won’t bother you with, the final link in the above extract no longer works, but you can access Alison Tieman’s video here.)
This leads me to an interesting new piece by Toy Soldier. We look forward to the publication of Dr Siobhan Weare’s study into men who are forced by women to penetrate them, an issue we covered in the aforementioned section of our 2015 election manifesto.


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