17 Dec 2016

Philip Davies Rare MP With Working Brain Attempted Today To Stop The Istanbul Convention Bill Ratification

By Mike Buchanan: We applaud Philip Davies’s efforts today to stop the bill ratifying the ideologically-motivated Istanbul Convention. A short BBC piece is here. The first paragraph alone justifies Davies’s efforts:

Conservative MP Philip Davies says he disagrees with the “fundamental premise” of a bill urging the government to ratify an international agreement on combating violence against women, because it does not mention violence against men at all.
[our emphasis]
The end of the piece:

The bill on ratifying the 2012 Istanbul Convention, put forward by the SNP’s Eilidh Whiteford, later passed its first parliamentary hurdle by 135 votes to two.
Ministers said they supported the bill but would seek to amend elements of it later during its parliamentary passage.



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