24 Dec 2016


The Finntronaut
"Have you no consideration for the raping and pillaging of the continent of Hawaii?
Do you lack a comprehension that as a white man your privilege surpasses all others, won't you agree?
Oh, you're Asian
Well, it's all the same, but also makes all the difference
How Asian exactly are you?
Could you please give me your name so that later I can unleash social justice hell upon you?

My name is Hugh Mungus
Oh my god, is this sexual harassment?
How dare you approach me with such bluntness
Help, police, a vile advancement

We have no affiliation with misogynistic Donald
Over us he really don’t preside
To demonstrate my full exemption, several days of public plaguing countrywide we will devise
For we advocate the raping of the First Lady in question
While protesting democratic outcomes
Might as well relieve our aggressions
While destroying Democrat state homes

Regardless of the outcome, we are clearly a deeply divided and broken country
So much work ahead to mend, heal and restore the U in USA.

We are now under complete Republican rule
Fuck you, racist, sexist fools
Oh my god, I'm literally shaking
He's literally Hitler
Literally Negan
Nothing says that love trumps hate
Like beating up these Trump loving mates
Between this and Brexit
It's white people who always screw it

This cartoon frog that you call Pepe
Is a white supremacist symbol, if you ask me
Hey, don't you call it a harmless me-me
Just cost us the first female president, for fuck's sake!

Lady your outrage is tremendous
You are a public embarrassment

I dinsee nuffin"

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