22 Dec 2016

Sophie Walker - Women’s Equality Party: Philip Davies’s Place On The Equalities Committee Is A Victory For Misogyny

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Our thanks to Kevin for pointing us to a silly piece in today’s Guardian, concerning Philip Davies’s appointment to the Women and Equalities Committee. An early paragraph:

His appointment has doubtless prompted much punching of the air among his other backers, an outfit calling itself Justice 4 Men and Boys that gives out monthly awards for lying, whiny and toxic [and ‘gormless’] feminists and posts articles explaining why women lie about rape. [It’s true, we do, including:
6 dangerous rape myths (Hannah Wallen)
10 reasons false rape allegations are common (Jonathan Taylor)
13 reasons women lie about being raped (Janet Bloomfield)…]
Davies – who has distanced himself from the group – recently told its conference: “Feminist zealots really do want women to have their cake and eat it.”
The final paragraph:

Responding to those who seek to divide is a tricky business. Publicity is their oxygen. But doing nothing is not an option. Telling the truth is important when others seek to spin our circumstances into a mirage of misandry. As society tenses and turns on those who are different, the real picture of equality between men and women is clear. We need clarity on the picture of equality between men and women. Philip Davies’ actions, and today’s appointment, work against finding that truth.
It’s ironic that Sophie Walker should open a sentence with, ‘Telling the truth is important…’, and end her article with, ‘Philip Davies’ actions, and today’s appointment, work against finding that truth.’

She and her party’s spokeswoman Sandi Toxic have each twice won our Lying Feminist of the Month awards.


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