12 Dec 2016

The Just Relationship - MGTOW

Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW: In this video I provide an account of what a just relationship would look like.

In MGTOW we are very good at giving compelling reasons why men should avoid marriage, co-habitation, and relationships in general and despite our best efforts there have always and will always be those men who retreat back into the plantation. If MGTOW propels your life, like sails propel a ship, and some men choose to hoist those sails, then perhaps we need an account for a second sail for those who choose the toils of oars.

Now, men who retreat back into the plantation are met with condemnation and scorn within our community. I have a brother. He is married. It is clear to me that my brother is terminally blue pill. There are many men who, like my brother, will indefinitely harbor a belief that a relationship is one ends towards which a man ought to strive for in life. This belief is carried by a majority of men. Even if such a man hears the warnings spoken of in MGTOW, he will work tirelessly to find a loop hope, a justification that will help him resolve his belief in the necessity of a relationship and the dangers of a relationship.

So, for men like my brother, I want to offer a second sail by helping them philosophize with a hammer; to lightly strike the idols he worships and help him see which ones are hollow but not shatter the idols themselves. Let us for the purpose of this video assert that the following is true, as most men do, that indeed a relationship is a good towards which a man ought to strive. But at the same time, let us not succumb to claiming the existence of a NAWALT nor impose such a belief on our blue pill brothers.

But what qualities ought such a relationship possess? Surely if nothing else can be said about such a relationship at least it can be said that such a relationship ought to be just. So how are we to construct a just relationship? Surely, we cannot simply make the man the slave of the woman or the woman the slave of the man and consider such a relationship just. No. Let us begin our inquiry from behind the veil of ignorance and assume that one does not know if one will be born to be a woman or born to be a man. Without this knowledge, it would serve us best to discover the terms of this relationship in such a way as one would be happy to be either the man or the woman in the relationship.

Though we will assert ignorance of the accident of our birth, we need not assert ignorance of anything else we have come to know through MGTOW discourse. We still retain knowledge of hypergamy, gynocentrism, male mother need, the Wall, male draw towards youth and beauty, and the dimorphic nature of men and women.

Now, if we assert the possibility of a just relationship, then it follows that there are also unjust relationships. Now, would a just person choose to enter an unjust relationship? Surely not, for being a just person, they would have knowledge of why they ought not enter unjust relationships. As a person is born single it follows that a person will remain single until such a time as he enters a just relationship while rejecting all unjust relationships. Now, as justice is one, unique, unchangeable, and eternal, injustice can take many forms as there are many ways to move away from justice much as there are many ways to be wrong but only one way to be right. From this it follows that a just relationship will be one, unique, unchangeable, and eternal, while unjust relationships will be diverse, inconsistent, and temporary.

If what we said so far is true, then all just people will mean the same thing when they speak of the just relationship and as such want the same thing. So, from this it follows that both a man and a woman would want the exact same rules in a relationship if indeed they are both just. If a just person finds a partner who does not agree on the rules of the relationship, then it follows that that partner is themselves unjust and as such no relationship should take place with them.

Now, if a person is just, then they will live a just life, so it follows that if they are single, their solitude will be just as well. As a just person will not choose to go from an just life to an unjust life, they will prefer just solitude over an unjust relationship. Such a person would indeed only move from just solitude to a relationship that is just. In this way, just solitude is better than an unjust relationship for the just person. So, being alone justly is always better than being in an unjust relationship.