17 Dec 2016

The Male Room - The Angry Edition

Mike Buchanan: A few seconds into the programme, when Olly Mann is reviewing feedback for the first edition (5 December - also on this channel) he says this:
"Even worse than I was expecting," wrote Mike Buchanan on his blog. "A mangina presenter, two mangina studio guests, and a feminist 'comedian'. BBC ideological balance at its finest."
Is this the first use of the word "mangina" on the BBC? I'd like to think so.
This episode too had a pointless feminist - Abi Wilkinson, Guardian 'journalist' - but Martin Daubney made some reasonable points.
At 12:44 Mann read out a tweet from Hequal, which ended with a reference to MGM. Mann is dismissive but Daubney, to his credit, pointed to the illegality of MGM. The host promptly disputed the point, then repeated the tired myth that FGM is more damaging than MGM (it rarely is).

The final episode will be broadcast next Monday, 19 December. We'll be publishing that too, a day or two after transmission.

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