18 Dec 2016

The MGTOW Renaissance Pilot Program

Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW: I am launching a pilot program in an attempt to help encourage the creation of top tier MGTOW videos.

This program will run from December 18th 2016 - January 20th 2017

This program is open to anyone who meets the criteria listed in the video.

Incubator Program
- Open to any existing channel, no matter the size
- Only a single submission per video allowed

Guest Video Program
- Open to any person with or without a channel
- Large channels are welcome to contribute their own videos if they wish to experiment with formats they would not normally put out on their main channel
- As I offer anonymity as an option to videos, I am willing to accept somewhat controversial videos critiquing MGTOW as long as they are tasteful.
- Multiple submissions from the same person allowed

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