30 Dec 2016

The Much Overused "You Are Just As Bad As Them!" Accusation + Everything In (Community/Forum) Moderation

Raging Golden Eagle: The "you are just as bad as them!" accusation is so overused, that even in the rare instances that it is spot on it's now starting to be ignored. So what REALLY makes them "bad"? What is it you actually have to do to be "just as bad as them"? And let's look at the difference between being "bad" and just being a good strategy.

Gameplay from Gal*Gun Double Peace:

This should start a heated discussion, be sure to join in below!


Everything in (community/forum) moderation
Thing is, with the exception of social media platforms and any place that prides itself on being a bastion of free speech, it's up to every individual community to decide how much (if at all) they are going to police themselves. And when it comes to things like gaming and fandom communities, nothing wrong with kicking toxic people before they can cause too many problems.

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