28 Dec 2016

Father's Rights Veteran Angelo Agathangelou - ICMI 2016

HoneyBadgerRadio: We have a quick and efficient word with Father's Rights veteran Angelo Agathangelou.

ICMI 2016 - International Conference on Men's [and boy's] Issues in London 2016

Angelo Agathangelou: Had almost forgotten about this impromptu interview. Thank goodness for the more articulate [than I] among us. ICMI 2016 was very much a landmark moment for me. It was beyond my wildest dreams when I started campaigning that there would ever be such an extraordinary gathering of intelligent men and women as those I encountered at this most excellent event. For the record, am in Cyprus with my son Yorgi visiting his grandparents as I write this and I am very happy to report that our relationship has gone from strength to strength. Our best wishes for a happy holiday and new year to you all.

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