24 Dec 2016

The Red Pill Latest

By William Collins aka mra-uk: Lamentably, The Red Pill has not been shortlisted for an Academy Award. 145 documentaries qualified for consideration, but TRP was not one of the 15 chosen. Cassie Jaye writes,

Although upsetting, I’m at peace with this. One reason is because I can only assume there would have been an enormous amount of backlash if the film did get shortlisted. Most likely The Academy would have been getting threatening messages urging them to pull The Red Pill from the lineup, or petitions would have been started to protest the Oscars, etc. Although these types of petitions have given the film more publicity in the long run, they also perpetuate many hateful lies about the film which can be difficult to correct and set straight. Another reason I’m at peace with The Red Pill not making the Oscar Shortlist is because this film was not created with the intention of winning awards, the film was created to elevate the discussion around gender politics. Qualifying The Red Pill movie for the Oscars meant that the film was seen by hundreds of Oscar jury members. I’m certain the film inspired many conversations amongst those Oscar members, and for that, I am grateful that the film was in the running!

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