18 Dec 2016

Reading Feminist Posts + Why I'm Not A Feminist

Whitney Dahlin: I stumbled on a feminist community on Google + and was angered by the posts I saw. Their stupidity and hatred for men deeply disturbed me because thousands and thousands of women were listening to this.

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Why I'm Not A Feminist
The White Rose: Feminism did amazing things for women and achieved it’s goal; which was equal rights for men and women. Modern day feminism primarily focuses on negativity, hatred and contempt towards men (while simultaneously pushing the notion that gender is a social construct and that we are all the same?). This could not be farther from the truth. Men and women are very different creatures, we need to acknowledge this as truth so we can understand each other and build stable, fulfilling relationships. Feminism divides men and women and is destroying the nuclear family.
Mothers are the most important part of society. In the past women were responsible for the upbringing of children. Women held all the knowledge and secrets and then passed them on to the next generations. What we teach our children today shapes the future, and feminism belittles the importance of this so much. I am so proud to be a woman, and I cannot wait to bring children into this world.


  1. A comment for 'The White Rose' Well done and welcome. I am an egalitarian. May I add to your discussion regarding first wave feminism that neither did men have the vote at that time; this is why it is called universal suffrage. Furthermore, Pankhurst was a hero of mine, until during my research I discovered that she and her posse used to go around with white feathers and shame under age boys into going off to die in the so called great war and furthermore that Pankhurst was an upper class woman who could in fact not care less about the average poor woman of the period.

    Regarding DV the Australian government recently did a survey on the matter and shock horror, ...DV [domestic violence] is not a gendered issue and in fact more often instigated and perpetrated by women against their men: http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/feminists-love-statistics-real-sexual.html

    Regarding reproductive rights. Who has them today? Men have none. To add further insult it is still legal to ritually genitally mutilate little baby boys in the west.

    If feminism actually had the goal of equal rights to men, ...they would first have to overcome the biological imperative aka the mathematics of the survival of the tribe. Contrary to feminist Duluth and patriarchy theory, it is women since the stone age that have always been privileged above men. Let me explain, ...if you kill most of the men in a tribe, the tribe could recover in a generation, but if you killed all the women it's over for that tribe.

    We see this reality in social experiments that have been undertaken around the world and it is clear that it is a constant fact. If one has a male actor and a female actor take turns pretending to act out domestic violence, when the woman is attacking the man and the reactions of the next 100 passers by are recorded we find that virtually no one will come to the aid of the man being attacked and there will even be a few women thrusting their fists in the air and saying you go girl, hit him some more. The precise opposite happens when the roles are reversed and nearly 100% of passers by will attempt to support the women and more than this the man is likely to get attacked by multiple men intent on defending the woman.

    Think about history. If a man made the slightest insult to a woman in the time of chivalric knights, another man would soon step in to defend her honour and a man would die over the tiniest of slights. Think about when I was a young boy in the 1970s, when it was common practice for every man to rise if a woman or girl entered the room.

    Examine the myth of patriarchal oppression in Muslim countries today: http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/the-myth-of-patriarchal-oppression-in.html - Even when the women stand up and point out how they are privileged today in comparison to men [by the very same tokens western women were privileged 150 years ago] self-serving feminists and the brainwashed refuse to accept the facts.

    All that feminism has ever been about is the extension of female privilege. When men got the vote 5 minutes [in history terms] before women did, we received the privilege along with the responsibility to fight/to enlist in the army if there was a war and the country needed defending. When women got the vote 5 minutes later, they got it with no strings attached! What sort of equality is that?

    About the secrets passed down by the matriarchy, sure I can accept that, but you clearly missed the secrets passed down to men by their fathers and grandfathers. Get it straight, there is an agenda to destroy this knowledge.

    Having said all that in an attempt to update your knowledge [please do your own research to verify the facts I've supplied] I do respect you for clearly swimming against the tide of our indoctrination that serves no one but those that seek to divide and rule us. Bravo, keep trying.

  2. A comment for Whitney Dahlin, I'm giving you an up vote because you are on MRA form as usual, but regarding the hijab incident, I must beg to disagree with your conclusion.

    A similar scenario played out when a woman had sex with 4 guys at college and then excused herself to her boyfriend as having been raped. Does that go to prove that boyfriends are intolerant? Thankfully there was a video of the incident and the boys eventually were exonerated, but neither of these situations are the fault of anyone but the women concerned who peddled their lies against the soft targets, the men.

    I'm Greek so you'd think I would be anti Muslim, but to be frank after the last 100 years of the filthy Zionist-Jews bombing Arabs and lobbying for us in the west to bomb them, we cannot escape the fact that we are the ones culpable for bombing and killing so many "Sand Nigger babies". And that the primary reason we believe the Muslims are so backward, is due to the misinformation peddled by the Jewish controlled media. The same Jewish controlled media that has been happy to divide and conquer us along gender lines, …have they not?

    I thought that the Turks invaded my Greek Island of Cyprus, but recent US freedom of information has uncovered the fact that the Zionist Jew Henry Kissinger ordered the Turks to invade our Christian country and included maps of Cyprus as it is today from before the attack. The Jews want all the countries around Israel divided and weak and in the case of Christian Cyprus they also needed a deep-sea port in the Mediterranean.

    Now that we know this we cannot continue to blame the Arabs and Turks for the transgressions of the Jews. Nor, if I might be so bold, should we buy the rest of the guff they peddel to us through their media, that is 98% of western lame-stream media.

    Please check out Alison Weir’s excellent study, ‘Against our better judgment.” https://youtu.be/k4cNrbo15ME where Alison shows us how the Jewish owned media massively under reports Israeli transgressions and massively over reports Muslim retaliations as instigations. Let us keep our focus clean.

    I would add one more note on the subject. I have several bibles, a Koran, a Torah, the Bhagavad Gita, the Tao Te Ching and many other religious or so called spiritual texts. What I have discovered reading them is very clear, all of them are concerned with the idea of a brotherhood of man, all that is except one, the Jewish Torah that is in effect a xenophobic and supremacist text that speaks of the Jews being the chosen people and the rest of us goy as being even lower than animals.

    I am fairly positive that you, like me, are about a brotherhood of man and not about chosen-ness, supremacism and xenophobia.