31 Dec 2016

Woman ‘Held As A Sex Slave’ By Taxi Driver For 13 Years - Gave Birth To Four Children - Who Were Given To Other Couples - Er… Really?

By Mike Buchanan: One of the most tiresome habits of the mainstream media is to publish stories of alleged evil acts by men against women, without carrying out a proper fact check. One consequence of this relentless stream of poor journalism is to make women unduly fearful of men, in order to foster misandry, and persuade women that feminists are their protectors rather than what they actually are, their enemies.
In today’s Times we have this. The opening paragraphs:

A woman was kept in captivity by a taxi driver and his family for 13 years while being abused as a sex slave, according to a memoir published yesterday.
The victim claims that she gave birth to four children when she was aged between 15 and 28 and being sexually and physically abused by the Asian taxi driver, whom she named as Malik.
She said the man also sold her for sex to other men from his family and circle of associates…

Kevin Hyland, the independent anti-slavery commissioner, said that the presence in the house of a young girl of a different nationality who had given birth to four children should have set alarm bells ringing for police and other agencies.
Later in the piece:

The book does not identify which police force was involved in the case but the woman said that she hoped one day to be strong enough to provide the evidence to jail her abuser.
We are asked to believe the woman somehow found the strength to write a book – Secret Slave, a bestseller – but not the strength to provide evidence to the police. The claim isn’t credible. Two one-star reviews on Amazon:

thegame: Is it Real?
This memoir has been picked up and run as a news story by major international news agencies, and to highlight issues such as modern slavery.
It is impossible that there are no records of this case and the multiple births, major admissions to hospitals etc. under the person’s real, or even purported identity at the time.
I have contacted one of the major UK news outlets which ran the story and have asked them to fact-check it further.
If I get a response, I will submit an updated review.
Mr Jt Cox: I think she’s full of shit
She refused to give evidence to police, so I find it hard to believe her story.