14 Dec 2016

Xmas Has Come Early This Year - Philip Davies MP Has Been Elected (Unopposed) To The Women & Equalities Committee

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Wonderful news, reported in recent hours by the Daily Mail, The Guardian, BBC, Independent, Mirror, Metro. Doubtless more publications and outlets will be picking up the story shortly, including the Times and Telegraph.
With Philip Davies on the committee advocating for true gender equality, and consideration of issues disproportionately affecting men and boys, the ‘Women and Equalities’ committee name looks even more absurd than it already did. We look forward to seeing how Maria Miller (C) will chair the committee from now on.
It’s time for Education Secretary Justine Greening’s second job title – ‘Minister for Women and Equalities’ – to disappear, or a ‘Minister for Men’ appointed. Philip Davies would fit that role admirably.


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