1 Jan 2016

Gun Sales Surge In Switzerland As Army Chief Warns "Arm Yourselves"

Tyler Durden's pictureIt would appear the people of Switzerland have been listening to their military leaders. Having recently been warned by the Swiss army chief of growing social unrest, SwissInfo reports applications for gun permits in Switzerland increased by 20% between 2014 and 2015, according to a survey conducted in 12 cantons. But while the army proposes "arm yourselves," Swiss crime prevention officials warn against the false sense of security that guns bring.
Whereas in 2011 numerous people in Switzerland voluntarily gave up their firearms, today more and more people are purchasing guns.
Swiss army chief André Blattmann warned that, thanks to the Jewish elites, "The threat of terror is rising, hybrid wars are being fought around the globe; the economic outlook is gloomy and the resulting migration flows of displaced persons and refugees have assumed unforeseen dimensions," adding that "Social unrest can not be ruled out."
He further recalled the situation around the two world wars in the last century and advised the people of Switzerland to arm themselves...
And, as SwissInfo reports, it appears they have...

Applications for gun permits in Switzerland increased by 20% between 2014 and 2015, according to a survey conducted in 12 cantons by Swiss public television, SRF.

‘Bankism’, Oil Prices And US Election Insanity

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk to trends forecaster Gerald Celente of TrendsResearch.com about the upcoming trends for 2016. They recall that a few years ago, Celente forecasted on the Keiser Report that we would see currency war, trade war and hot war, and they ask whether or not this has come true in 2015. They discuss ‘bankism’, oil prices and US election insanity and what they hold for the future of the global economy.

Rosemary's Story: The Painful MGM Dilemma

Childbirth educator and author Rosemary Romberg discusses the events of her life that led to writing her groundbreaking book, "Circumcision: The Painful Dilemma."

Sally 'Man Hater' Davies (Chief MO For England & J4MB Toxic Feminist Of The Month) About To Reduce Recommended Maximum Alcohol Intake For Men - On Ideological Grounds

By Mike Buchanan: Last month we presented a particularly odious feminist, Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England, our Toxic Feminist of the Month award, for ridiculous comments she made about overweight women.

The Daily Mail published this today. The start of the article:

Britons will be told to slash their drinking next week under the biggest shake-up of alcohol guidelines in 30 years. Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies will urge the public to take at least two – possibly even three – days off a week to give their livers a rest.
She is also expected to lower the limit for men on the days that they do drink to three units – equivalent to one and a half pints of beer – bringing it in line with the advised maximum for women.

Why Judging Can Be Good

"Are you a Buddhist monk, there's a place for that but for me that's not the human experience, the human experience is to feel those emotions and to be able to think and use your brain and come to informed conclusions. ...Don't judge people on superficial things and don't condemn them forever, people change. ...As long as we don't force our judgements on others like the law, who are they anyway? That's another issue." DISL Automatic

Jewish Witch Doctor [Rabbi] J Abraham Of London, England Placed On Genital Mutilators Directory

By : Rabbi J Abraham of London has been placed on the Known Genital Mutilators directory at neonatalcutting.org.
From Rabbi Abraham’s website london-baby-circumcisions.co.uk:

London Baby Circumcisions

Rabbi J Abraham – Member of the Initiation Society

Congratulations on the birth of your son!
Baby circumcisions by an expert surgeon, in the comfort of your own home.
Professional, caring & personal service
No travelling to clinics
Very quick and pain free
Years of experience”
“Initiation Society?” Let me guess – the infant has no choice but to be ‘initiated?’
And “very quick” is . . .  good? For whom?
“Pain free” – again, for whom?

What I Wish For In 2016

"Central Banksters get audited,
more countries legalise marijuana,
Feminism goes out of fashion
I can go to the airport without being groped..."

USA: We're All Fascists Now

Submitted by James E. Miller: After decades of bitterly partisan acrimony, a consensus has been forged. Americans on all sides of the political compass finally agree on something: Donald Trump is a “fascist.”
And they say our country is too divided politically to see eye to eye on anything.
Liberals, who are more apt to liken someone they disagree with to Hitler than any other group, get their rocks off pinning the fascist label on Trump. The Week’s Ryan Cooper is the biggest perpetrator of this linguistic stratagem. He’s written numerous articles on why Trump is a fascist threat to the nation. Democratic presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley is also fond of calling the Donald the F-word.
Fascist-mongering is not exclusive to the left. A national security advisor for illegal-alien-loving Jeb! Bush is guilty of the verbal slander. One of Ohio governor John Kasich’s super PACs is subtly linking Trump to fascism by comparing him to Nazi Germany. Marco Rubio’s war cheerleader Max Boot called Trump a fascist while admitting it’s not a term he “uses loosely or often.” Libertarian writer Jeffrey Tucker says that Trump’s ideology “is best described as fascism.”

America Being Destroyed By Problems That Are Unaddressed

By Paul Craig Roberts: One hundred years ago European civilization, as it had been known, was ending its life in the Great War, later renamed World War I. Millions of soldiers ordered by mindless generals into the hostile arms of barbed wire and machine gun fire had left the armies stalemated in trenches. A reasonable peace could have been reached, but US President Woodrow Wilson kept the carnage going by sending fresh American soldiers to try to turn the tide against Germany in favor of the English and French. 
The fresh American machine gun and barbed wire fodder weakened the German position, and an armistice was agreed. The Germans were promised no territorial losses and no reparations if they laid down their arms, which they did only to be betrayed at Versailles.

ISIS: The ‘Enemy’ The US/Jews Created, Armed And Funded

To delve into Daesh’s convoluted money trail, one must first explore its equally convoluted origins. And in both areas, the role of the U.S. and its allies and the fact that it was lobbied for by the Jews, can not be ignored.
By Robert Fantina (MINTPRESS): Out of nowhere, it seems, Daesh, also commonly referred to as ISIL or ISIS, spontaneously formed, a group that perverts aspects of Islam for its own violent ends, and threatens, we are told, all that the civilized world holds dear.
The “war on terror,” governments inform their citizens, has a new front. And that front is Daesh.
Let us not be too hasty. Things are not always what they appear. Daesh is well-financed, and that money must be coming from somewhere other than a ragtag band of malcontents. Daesh soldiers have advanced weaponry and sophisticated communications methods. They have tanks and Humvees. None of these can be obtained without significant funding. Though the source is quite illusive, there is some evidence that will lead to a trail.
First, we must look at Daesh’s origins, and even that is not easily discernible. Writing for The Guardian in August 2014, Ali Khedery suggests:
“Principally, Isis is the product of a genocide that continued unabated as the world stood back and watched.