5 Jan 2016

The Rule Of Law No Longer Exists In Western Civilization

By Paul Craig Roberts: My work documenting how the law was lost began about a quarter of a century ago. A close friend and distinguished attorney, Dean Booth, first brought to my attention the erosion of the legal principles on which rests the rule of law in the United States. My columns on the subject got the attention of an educational institution that invited me to give a lecture on the subject. Subsequently, I was invited to give a lecture on “How The Law Was Lost” at the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law in New York City.
The work coalesced into a book, The Tyranny Of Good Intentions, coauthored with my research associate, Lawrence M. Stratton, published in 2000, with an expanded edition published in 2008. We were able to demonstrate that Sir Thomas More’s warning about prosecutors and courts disregarding law in order to more easily convict undesirables and criminals has had the result of turning law away from being a shield of the people and making it into a weapon in the hands of government. That is what we witness in the saga of the Hammonds, long-time ranchers in the Harney Basin of Oregon.
With the intervention of Ammon Bundy, another rancher who suffered illegal persecution by the Bureau of Land Management but stood them off with help from armed militia, and his supporters, the BLM’s decades long persecution of the innocent Hammonds might have come to a crisis before you read this.
Bundy and militiamen, whose count varies from 15 to 150 in the presstitute media, have seized an Oregon office of the BLM as American liberty’s protest against the frame-up of the Hammonds on false charges. As I write the Oregon National Guard and FBI are on the way.

Children Who Spend Time With Their Fathers Have Higher IQs

: Strong fatherly involvement in their early life can also improve a child's future career prospects, the research shows.
Academics at the University of Newcastle, who carried out the study, also found that men tended to pay more attention to their sons than their daughters.
The researchers warned that it was not enough for parents to live together, but that a father should be actively involved in a child's life to benefit their development.
The study looked at more than 11,000 British men and women, born in 1958.
The scientists asked their mothers how often the father of their child took part in activities with them, including reading, organising outings and general "quality time". 
The findings, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, show that those children whose fathers spent more time with them had a higher IQ and were more socially mobile than those who had received little attention.
The differences were still detectable by the age of 42.

Hong Kong Publishers Reportedly Being Kidnapped By Chinese Authorities And Taken To The Mainland

A Hong Kong lawmaker said Sunday he believes Chinese security officers kidnapped five publishing company employees who have gone missing in the city, possibly because of a planned book about the former love life of President Xi Jinping.

The five work for a publishing house known for producing books critical of the Chinese government.
The disappearances add to growing unease that freedoms in the semi-autonomous Chinese city are being eroded.
Under Hong Kong’s mini-constitution, it enjoys freedom of speech and Chinese law enforcers have no right to operate in the city.
It is unclear where the men are or how they went missing.
– From the AFP article: Missing Hong Kong Booksellers “Working on Book on Xi’s Love Life”
By Michael Krieger: For several years now, I’ve periodically observed that China’s increasingly aggressive crackdown on dissent serves as a harbinger of far more difficult times ahead. The thinking goes that if anyone is privy to the severe fragility of the country’s economic situation, it would be Chinese leadership. As such, desperate moves by Chinese leadership should foretell drastically worse economic and social conditions.

Male And Female Brains

By William Collins [aka mra-uk]: On 5th December 2015 the New Scientist ran an article titled Brains are not male or female, and subtitled First analysis of the whole brain suggests gender distinctions are often meaningless. I thought this rather curious because it seemed to conflict with what I had read previously about sex differences in brain structure.
The study which was being reported by New Scientist was Ref.1. The lead author is Daphna Joel, professor of psychology at Tel Aviv University. I make a few observations, below, regarding the gender political leaning of Ref.1 and the New Scientist article. I then examine the findings of Ref.1 as well as the findings of an earlier study of sex differences in brain structure. My contention will be that the actual findings support substantial sex differences in brain structure, and this applies as much to Ref.1 itself as to earlier studies, notwithstanding the spin put on the matter by New Scientist and Ref.1.
The Gender-Political Spin
In Ref.1, New Scientist informed us, subjects were classified as people who self-identified as male or female (as opposed, of course, from being male or female). We were told that the findings of Ref.1 suggest that “we all lie on a continuum of what are traditionally viewed as male and female characteristics” and that “the study is very helpful in providing biological support for something we’ve known for a long time – that gender isn’t binary” (quoting psychologist Meg Barker of the Open University).

How Feminists And An UK Police Commissioner’s Office Conspired Against Male Victims Of Domestic Violence On Twitter

HEqual has followed this story from the very start and thanks in part to our work the force was even forced to issue a statement about its sexism and the story appeared  in a number of media outlets such as Breitbart, the Independent, Daily Mail and the local press. Many of these articles are factually correct and quite well written, but there’s also a great deal of unreported and hugely significant material we’ve uncovered that’s yet to appear anywhere else.

Karen Straughan Chats With RooshV

A friendly chat with the notorious RooshV about Reggie Yates' BBC documentary, Return of Kings, the "manosphere", and other things.

What To Expect In 2016

"Bail-ins are coming. DC no longer has the bucks to bail out failing banks so confiscation of deposits fits the bill. The legal framework is already in the works since depositors are tagged as lenders and last to be paid if a bank goes belly up and once they go belly up, Stanley Fischer, the real head of the fed and dual citizen of Israel who's loyalties are questionable has bail ins in-mind. ...All his financial gobbledygook means that banks will recapitalise by grabbing your cheque book, you the depositor, I mean lender, takes the hit!" Brother Nathanael.

Feminism Appeals To Female Losers The Same Way That PUA Appeals To Male Losers

By : When “Better Call Pauls” covered the topic of pick-up artists, I thought they were spot-on by saying that these people are scam artists taking advantage of the fact that men/boys of my generation were raised with poor social skills. And not only that, but being raised in a feminist environment by single mothers and mostly female teachers means often times, boys have grown up feeling ashamed of themselves just for being male. They tend to grow up being made to feel that masculine and dominant behavior is yucky and rapey, and so any urge to be authentically male is stifled in them, until all that energy bursts like one of their zits. So young men feel like if they can’t live up to the feminists’ standards for male docility, they must instead overcompensate by swinging the other way, becoming total misogynists, and then wondering why their obvious attempts to “score” women as if they were some kind of video game currency usually fail. It’s a nightmare, and the ease of getting laid for women is one reason I’m glad to be one.