6 Jan 2016

Ladies Darts Competitions - At Last, Some Quality Comedy On The BBC

By Mike Buchanan: Whilst enjoying a late lunch, I happened to catch 15 minutes of the ladies’ darts competition, staged at the Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green, and broadcast on BBC2.
Somewhere around 14:05 – 14:15, the commentator made the following remark about one of the contestants, echoing the same point made by Bobby George around 13:55:

Her game’s really good, apart from the doubles.
Can you imagine a commentator making the same point about a male darts player? Of course not. He’d be laughed out of the venue. The remark was like saying of a football striker:

His game’s really good, apart from not scoring any goals.

Your Feminist Socks Have Arguments

"The erroneous notion that women are victims."
Often the property to which we're drawn is density.
And I mean density.

Charlie Hebdo - One Year

By Gilad Atzmon: “We are so used to Jews being killed because they are Jewish,” wrote Gerard Biard, the editor of the notoriously Islamophobic Charlie Hebdo in an editorial marking the date one year after the Paris attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket. 
 “This is an error, and not just on a human level,” Biard continued,  “Because it’s the executioner who decides who is Jewish. November 13 was the proof of that. On that day, the executioner showed us that he had decided we were all Jewish.”
 Is it true that we are ‘so used’ to ‘Jews being killed for being Jews?’ On the contrary, in the West, killing Jews is the ultimate crime; slaughtering Muslims and Arabs en masse has become the norm.
 And was it really the ‘executioner’ who determined who was a Jew? Not really, it is more likely Bernard-Henri Lévy, the leading French Zioncon enthusiast, who bragged on French TV that as a Jew he liberated Libya, and who made the French into a Zionist mercenary force, at least in the eyes of many Arabs and Muslims.    
 In a unifying attempt to pour oil onto the fire Roger Cukierman, another notorious Ziocon as well as the president of the French Jewish Lobby(CRIF), likened the situation in France to that of the Second World War. “First the Nazis attacked the Jews before attacking everyone else,” said Cukierman.

South Park Feminist PC Principal Collects Consent Forms

Feminist Epistemology Part 4: Empiricism - MGTOW

How Newton's Principia became a rape manual along with an overview of Feminist empiricism. Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW

Germany In Shock After "Monstrous" Attacks, Rape By 1,000 Men "Of Arab Or North African Origin"

Yesterday, we were shocked to learn that as German anger boils over at the country's unprecedented refugee wave, one or more so far unknown assailants fired shots through the window at a home for asylum seekers in western Germany injuring one resident as he was sleeping. As AP noted it wasn't immediately clear who was responsible for the incident or what the motive was. However, Darmstadt prosecutors' spokeswoman Nina Reininger told news agency dpa: "If someone shoots at housing which has people inside, I assume that it is a targeted attack."
An officer of the crime scene investigation unit examine the shattered window glass
of a refugee shelter in Dreieich near Offenbach, Germany, Monday, Jan. 4, 2016

Today, we are just as shocked to read that, even as we expected, the animosities between the two groups have dramatically escalated, and that the mayor of Cologne has summoned police for crisis talks after nearly 100 women reported they were robbed, threatened or sexually molested at the New Year's celebrations outside the city's cathedral by young, mostly drunk, men, police said on Tuesday. One woman said she was raped.
According to BBC, "the scale of the attacks on women at the city's central railway station has shocked Germany." About 1,000 drunk and aggressive young men were involved.

Defaulting Is The New Black

"The money that they made rigging the markets went into terrorism and Cameron knows it, he supports it!" Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert begin the New Year with a look at the latest Markets, Finance, Scandal! They look at the economic indicators quacking like a recession duck - from the S&P to the Chicago PMI, more and more indices are indicating things are as bad as during the last financial collapse of 2007-2009. They discussthe next subprime trade as house prices rise while incomes decline, share prices rise as earnings decline and mom and pop investors pour into ‘low costETFs but may end up costing them ultimate price of total wealth destruction. And, finally, they look at the energy pumper (Saudi Arabia) and the credit pumper (the USA) trying to destroy their upstart competitors by flooding the market with their own product.

Bill Cosby Proves The Hypocrisy Of Sexual Politics! Pts. 1 & 2

Bill Cosby has been charged with felony sexual assault. ...The alleged event happened some twelve years ago. ...He did admit to administering some type of prescription drugs. ...Other fashion models have admitted that they were put up to it, to say Bill Cosby assaulted them for money. I want to bring another angle into this discussion and that is this, I think the big lesson coming out of all this for everybody is showing just how hypocritical we are when it comes to sexual politics. Obsidian.

Men Can Be Feminists As Long As They OBEY

Another feminist who acts all happy cheery but in reality is just as nasty as the ones who go on vulgar rants and call men rapists. Ceara McCord.

Woman's Testimony About Men Avoiding Western Women

"I am making this video to tell girls we have to wake up make some decisions and change a lot of things. Today men prefer to go to Africa to marry women who live there instead of us, the women who live in Europe. Why? The answer is very simple, we girls have become, first our behaviour does not match at all what we are looking for. The way we respect ourselves, the way we talk, the way we dress, the way we take responsibility, we are not responsible anymore. Girls, I'm sorry, but we have to wake up...

Oregon Militia Hopes Opposition To US Federal Government Will Spread Nationwide

By Dan Sanchez(ANTIMEDIA): The headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge had been closed for the holidays. So there was no risk of a scuffle when it was taken over by a militia on Saturday. Among those now occupying the Federal building are the son and two brothers of Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher famous for his armed standoff with the Feds over grazing rights in April 2014.
Before the seizure, the militia members had joined residents in a parade through the town of Burns to protest the prison sentences of two local ranchers: Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son, Steven. The Hammonds were convicted on arson charges pressed by the Bureau of Land Management over fires that they started on their own property to manage pasture vegetation, but which overspread onto land claimed by the Federal Government.
The Hammonds were initially given months-long prison sentences, which they have already served. But government lawyers argued for longer ones, since the arson convictions fall under a 1996 terrorism law that imposes a mandatory minimum sentence of five years. In October, an appeals court judge sent the Hammonds back to prison to serve the full “nickel.” The Burns protest was driven by local outrage over the draconian sentence that effectively brands their neighbors as terrorists.