9 Jan 2016

Israel Bribed Senator Cotton $1m To Sabotage Iran Accord

A Republican lawmaker at the US Senate was bribed one million dollars by Israel to try sabotaging negotiations between Tehran and the world powers, including the United States.
Via David Duke: The name of Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) emerged on news outlets on Wednesday after a report revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had bribed the choosy lawmakers of the Republican Party so as to kill the accord.
Cotton received $960,250 from the Emergency Committee for Israel, a right-wing political advocacy organization based in the United States, for his senatorial campaign.
As the negotiations were continuing in March 2015, the freshman senator spearheaded an open letter, signed by 47 Republican lawmakers, to warn Iran that a GOP president would not remain committed to any agreement with Tehran.
“I’m pretty sure Bill Kristol (the owner of the Emergency Committee for Israel) did write this letter,” American geopolitical commentator Dean Henderson told Press TV at the time.

Epic Bloodstained Men Demonstration - USA

At Seattle's Pike Place Market human rights activists demonstrated for genital integrity/autonomy. During the two day event many people spoke with intactivists, sharing their stories and encouraging and supporting genital integrity rights for all children.

Have US & Chinese Wages Already Converged?

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss central bank insiders admitting market rigging on television, confusing those who had bought the propaganda about Fed power to end boom and bust cycles. In the second half, Max interviews Dan Collins of TheChinaMoneyReport.com about the convergence of American and Chinese wages having already arrived. They discuss the two limit down days in Chinese markets so far this year and the significance of North Korea’s alleged H-bomb test for the Kim regime.

After Healing His Own Cancer With Cannabis, Self-Taught Doctor Helped Over 5000 Patients

“I always tell people – Cannabis will cure you, and you will see that at present, it is the best cure there is in the world!”
By Vandita (ANONHQ): Rick Simpson, one of the world’s cannabis icons and activists for legalization of marijuana, has healed more than 5000 people with cannabis oil – after he was diagnosed with the most severe skin cancer in 2002 and cured the dreaded disease using hemp oil.
Rick, a self-taught doctor, otherwise a mechanical engineer from Canada, told Telegraf how he conquered the carcinoma and fought against the government and corrupt doctors, as well as shared the recipe that kills all types of tumors and a vast variety of serious health issues like diabetes, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, asthma, and psoriasis – in 90 days.

Interview With Catholic, Conservative Cripple Margaret McLennan

By : Margaret Maclennan is a Canadian belly-dancer and Youtube commentator, whose videos on social justice, #gamergate and the exploits of Anita Sarkeesian have attracted the attention of this writer. To wit; in her pong is sexist video, she muses over the beauty of sharing a ping-pong ball being subverted by a “white phallic symbol trampling over black background.” such…triggering words, she uttered, that I felt compelled to contact her for comment. Margaret has kindly agreed to converse on subjects as diverse as feminism, disability and conservative politics and I present our thoughts here.
She self-identifies as a catholic, conservative cripple. A few years ago, Margaret has been diagnosed with auto-immune disease, requiring the removal of her large intestine and forcing her to live with a stoma. In the time she was required to take off to recuperate, she delved into Anita Sarkeesian’s feminist frequency videos, and came up with a surprising proposition.
Her video Anita – it’s time to stop, Margaret underscores the fading relevance of the tropes vs women series, even in its context of a feminist media critique, by pointing out that among other problems, only 6 games released after 2014 have been covered.

TRUTH JIHAD: Gilad Atzmon Reflects On The False Flag Paradigm Shift

Always a troublemaker, Gilad says we should be careful when calling out false flags
Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:00:36 — 55.5MB) | Embed
By Kevin Barrett: Has the false flag paradigm shift already happened? Are there so many people immediately assuming that big terror events like Paris 11/13/15 and its apparent San Bernadino sequel are false flags that we’re failing to even entertain the possibility that there could be REAL “terrorists” out there…who are trying to tell us something?

Star Schmuk Episode 3 - The Empire

Catain Nero and his band of do gooders take to the Habogad system and attempt to foil the plot there and failing miserably as always. xD

Jewish New York High School Student Facing Legal Action For Supporting Palestine, Israeli Jews Celebrate Child's Death

The superintendent defended the school’s actions, insisting they were forced to investigate by an anti-bullying law that’s “one of the strictest in the nation.”
By Kit O’Connell(MINTPRESS): Twitter users rallied this week behind a Jewish high school student that faced possible legal action after she criticized Israel on the social media network.
She is an 16-year old Israeli Jewish student at Fair Lawn High School, but she’s also accumulated thousands of followers on Twitter for her outspoken views on apartheid Israel’s treatment of Palestine. Unfortunately, she’s also found herself accused of bullying after a student apparently complained to her school about tweets she’d written over her December holiday break.

Cologne Is Not A Hoax, No Way, No Siree!

johntheother. "Apparently there was a mob of 1000 men working in an organised fashion to rape and sexually molest every women in sight including female police officers and nobody could do anything about it..."

Stop Spraying Monsanto Glyphosates On Bristol's Streets And Parks.