10 Jan 2016

The Cologne Incidents And The Absurd Language

On New Year night, several violent incidents took place - most of them with female victims. But feminists were nowhere to be heard or seen and when they eventually spoke up... they blamed white men.

Is Government Propaganda Illegal?

Questions on the kakistocracy, the legality of government propaganda, the Zuckerberg Initiative, low tech media backups and Australian media sources.

Radical Feminism To Be Taught In A-Level Politics Curriculum After Butthurt Teenager’s Campaign

By Mike Buchanan [J4MB]: Pathetic – and utterly predictable. That’s what you get with an Education Secretary (Nicky Morgan) who is also the Minister for Women and Equalities. Ideological brainwashing of teenagers, prompted by an online petition by feminist grievance collectors.
From the article:

The (Department of Education) source said: “Female thinkers have played a key role in shaping political theory not just in the UK but across the world, it’s obviously right that students should have an opportunity to study their work. Consultation responses clearly backed this change.”
The source said under the previous syllabus feminism had not been a compulsory subject, but had been popular among students alongside other political movements such as environmentalism.  In changing the curriculum, however, the Government overlooked the importance of feminism as a stand-alone subject. Under the new proposals, students will be required [my emphasis] to study the women’s rights movement.

A Conversation With Sundog Pictures

Feminism LOL: It's time for a Magna Carta of the internet.

Feminist Conversation V. Conversation About Feminism + The Counter-Feminist Culture Of Critique

There is a difference between a feminist conversation, and a conversation about feminism. The former sucks you into feminism's world; the latter gives you back your own world.

MGTOW Win Battle On Wikipedia + Bitch Gets Her Equality


The Biggest (And Possibly Most Terrifying) Company You’ve Never Heard Of

By AnonWatcher(ANONHQ): Serco. Chances are you’ve never heard of the company. If you have heard of the company, chances are you misunderstand the shear enormity of the global company and their contracts. From transport to air traffic control, getting your license in Canada, to running all 7 immigration detention centers in Australia, private prisons in the UK, military base presence, running nuclear arsenals, and running all state schools in Bradford, Serco, somewhere, has played a part in moving, educating, or detaining people.
Few contracts awarded to Serco include a Saudi Railway Company, further air traffic control in the US and also IT support services for various European agencies. You can read more on their future projects here.

A Very Brief History

Serco’s history began in 1929 as a UK subsidiary, RCA Services Limited to support the cinema industry. In the 1960s the company made a leap into military contracts to maintain the UK Air Force base Ballistic Missile Early Warning System. From there, the company continues to grow. Now trading as Serco Group, 2015 trading as of August 11 2015, maintained a revenue of £3.5 billion, and an underlying trading profit of £90 million. The data was presented at JPMorgan in London.

The Proof Is In: Jewish Run US Government Is The Most Complete Criminal Organization In Human History

By Paul Craig Roberts: Unique among the countries on earth, the US government insists that its laws and dictates take precedence over the sovereignty of nations. Washington asserts the power of US courts over foreign nationals and claims extra-territorial jurisdiction of US courts over foreign activities of which Washington or American interest groups disapprove. Perhaps the worst results of Washington’s disregard for the sovereignty of countries is the power Washington has exercised over foreign nationals solely on the basis of terrorism charges devoid of any evidence.
Consider a few examples. Washington first forced the Swiss government to violate its own banking laws. Then Washington forced Switzerland to repeal its bank secrecy laws. Allegedly, Switzerland is a democracy, but the country’s laws are determined in Washington by people not elected by the Swiss to represent them.
Consider the “soccer scandal” that Washington concocted, apparently for the purpose of embarrassing Russia. The soccer organization’s home is Switzerland, but this did not stop Washington from sending FBI agents into Switzerland to arrest Swiss citizens. Try to imagine Switzerland sending Swiss federal agents into the US to arrest Americans.

J4MB's Reggie 'Mangina' Yates’s Anti-MRA Propaganda ‘Documentary’ Vid Has Been Taken Down Feminist YouTube

[Note: Reggie mangina Yatess anti-MRA propaganda ‘documentary’ will be broadcast again on BBC1 next Tuesday, 12 January, at 10:45 pm.]
By Mike Buchanan: In the autumn I had a lengthy meeting in London with a producer and a director working for Sundog Pictures, a media production company, whose chairman and founder is Sam Branson, son of Richard Branson. They solemnly maintained they wished to produce a balanced documentary on the men’s rights movement in the UK, featuring Reggie Yates, for an episode in a BBC3 series on gender issues. They claimed they wanted Reggie Yates to interview me at length.
Along with every other programme in the series, theirs was a feminist-friendly hatchet job. I was never interviewed, and much of the programme focused on Roosh V, who is neither British (he’s American) nor an MRA. There were only three individuals in the programme worth watching, the first two of whom will be speaking at ICMI16 (about which we’ll be making an announcement later this month):
Milo Yiannopoulos, who doesn’t identify as a MRA
Josh O’Brien
, a 19-year-old British student of politics and sociology
Rod Lonsdale
, a London-based MRA