15 Jan 2016

Gynocentrist Emma Watson Exploits The Death Of Alan Rickman To Further Her Radical Feminist Agenda

By : Sexist man hater Emma Watson pissed off a lot of people last night when she used Twitter to commemorate the death of her friend and fellow actor Alan Rickman.
Watson was accused of exploiting the death of Mr Rickman when she posted his image superimposed with a quote of his, in which he discusses feminism.
The actress tweeted: There is nothing wrong with a man being a feminist, I think it is to our mutual advantage.”

However, Twitter users were quick to jump on Watson – a UN goodwill ambassador and the pioneer of the UN’s feminist ‘HeForShe’ campaign – for allegedly ‘using Rickman’s death to further her own agenda’.
Trolls on social media weren’t shy about expressing their distaste for Emma’s tweet, either…

US State To Military Veteran: Stop Using Medical Marijuana Or Give Up Your Kids

By Carey Wedler (ANTIMEDIA): A United States military veteran and father is fighting the state of Kansas for custody of his children. In April 2015, Raymond Schwab’s children were confiscated by Child Protective Services, and authorities in the state insist he must discontinue his use of marijuana — which he uses to treat his PTSD — if he and his wife, Amelia, want them back.
Schwab, an honorably discharged veteran of the Gulf War, discovered the benefits of using marijuana to treat PTSD years ago. He lived in Colorado when medical use was legalized, and he found it worked better than other options he had tried.
Veterans Affairs had prescribed Schwab a variety of pharmaceuticals to treat his PTSD, from painkillers and muscle relaxants to anti-anxiety drugs. However, Schwab says, “they were making me crazy, they made me worse.” Schwab says he even developed an addiction to heroin, but that using cannabis helped him overcome it.
In 2013, Schwab moved to Topeka, Kansas, to take a job working as a benefits agent for fellow veterans at Veterans Affairs. “I loved it. I loved my job,” he told the Denver Post, which broke the story.  The article’s author told Anti-Media he believes Schwab discontinued his marijuana use while living in Kansas, where unlike in a growing number of states, all forms of cannabis — even medical — are banned.

The Counted: Database Of People Killed By US Police


Questioning The Rape Narrative In Cologne, Germany

By : Last weekend we were treated to “news” on social media that a thousand Muslim men had descended upon Cologne Germany and, while shooting fireworks in their faces to disfigure them, raped 100 women. The tale was somewhat confirmed by Breitbart and other sources, but amazingly, many of the reports of even “sexual assault” turn out to be unconfirmed and in many cases to have been attempts at harassment and intimidation, but are certainly not rape or severe sexual assault. Leaving us to wonder, what will be remembered about this event? D.E.
I’ve always wanted to go to the tomato festival in Pamplona, Spain to partake in the running of the Bulls. My better judgment however has concerns that focus on whether or not I am quick enough on my feet to avoid going viral on Youtube by outmaneuvering a herd of 1500 pound raging bulls. However, a new and far more exciting travel destination has come of interest as of late. Cologne, Germany. A week and a half ago saw the inaugural New Years Eve Running of the Rapists or so one might conclude if they believed everything they read in headlines that suggest that up to 100 women were raped, sexually assaulted and the targets of a coordinated attack by as many 1000 Arab and North African Men. 100 women did not get raped on New Years eve in Cologne by 1000 Arab and North African men.

Dicking With Stickmen

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UK Scientists Say First Genetically-Modified Human Embryos Are Ready to Be Created

By John Vibes(ANTIMEDIA): A team of scientists in the UK recently asked for permission to create the world’s first genetically-modified human embryos. Laws currently on the books would prevent the scientists from allowing the embryos to live longer than 14 days, but the team believes that this research could lead to the first genetically modified human beings.
Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute in London recently told The Independent that if they are given the green light, the world could see, “the first transgenic human embryos created in Britain within the coming weeks or months.”
Professor Robin Lovell-Badge of the Crick Institute said that this technology could be used to cure unborn children of diseases and genetic disorders.
“If you found that there were people carrying a specific mutation which meant that their embryos would never implant [in the womb], then you could contemplate using the genome-editing technique to make germ-line changes which would then allow the offspring of that woman to be able to reproduce without having a problem,” Lovell-Badge said.