17 Jan 2016

Feminism Is Cancer

"We have to find each other sexy to procreate. Maybe I have no place talking about this considering I'm a tranny [transvestite] and I can't have kids, but it seems to me, women being viewed as sexy is actually a good thing." Blaire White.

Lying Liar Connie St. Louis Just Accused Me Of Calling For An Assassination! + The Progressive Lynch Mobster

A day in the life of Milo Yiannopoulos
By Milo Yiannopoulos: Wake up. Switch on my Lil Wayne playlist. Do my hair. Put on an impeccably tailored suit. Do my hair some more. Have my driver take me to a TV station, where I’m scheduled to appear in a controversial cultural debate. Face calls for my arrest, and be accused of wanting to assassinate someone. You know, the usual!
I honestly don’t know why this keeps happening. People are like, obsessed with me or something. I’m not sure I can deal with the attention for much longer. See what you guys think.

The Truth About Women In Ground Combat Roles

Women have long been an integral part of the U.S. military, having performed admirably—in some cases, heroically—in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Over the past month and a half a succession of some of the nation’s most powerful civilian and military leaders have lauded the recent decision to remove all restrictions on what jobs women can fill in the U.S. Armed Forces. Lifting the ban, they say, will make the military stronger. They are wrong.
The very best outcome we can hope for is that the Armed Forces’ abilities will remain static. The most likely outcome, however, is that there will be some degradation in the units that are charged with some of the most critical roles: closing with and destroying enemy forces. Lifting the restrictions was, no doubt, designed to elevate the stature of women and give them an opportunity in the military equal with men. The result of the move, unfortunately, is likely to be that we’ll place women at a disadvantage and put them in a danger greater than that faced by men in combat.
President Obama commended the December 3 decision by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to open all combat jobs to women.

Milo Yiannopoulos slays Kate Smurthwaite and Connie St Louis on ‘The Big Questions’

By Mike Buchanan: Milo Yiannopoulos will be giving a talk at the second International Conference on Men’s Issues, in July, titled, How to Beat Feminists in Debates’. (We plan to announce details of the conference venue etc. next week.) Milo is eminently qualified to talk on this subject, given his previous radio and TV encounters with feminists, and he was on fine form on this morning’s The Big Questions. The question being asked was, predictably, anti-male and sexist:
Does social media reveal men’s hatred for women?
The section is between 39:24 – 59:20 here. We may put the section onto our YouTube channel in coming days, but that’s not definite, so catch it while you can. It will be available on iPlayer for 29 days.
Nicky Campbell was his usual feminist-friendly self, starting off by referring to Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch (1971) as, ‘a feminist primer, still worth reading’. However, on this occasion he gave Milo more time than we might have expected. Maybe the BBC is starting to listen to criticisms about its relentless censoring of anti-feminists.

After Me The Jihad, Gaddafi’s Unheeded Warning To The West

By Dan Sanchez: Before the French Revolution and its Reign of Terror, Louis XV predicted, “After me, the Deluge.” Before being overthrown, Libya’s secular dictator tried to warn the West of a new Reign of Terror, essentially foretelling, “After me, the Jihad.”
This was disclosed with the recent release of phone conversations from early 2011 between Muammar Gaddafi and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
The West was then gearing up to use unrest in Libya as a pretext for military intervention and regime change. Gaddafi desperately tried to convey through Blair the folly of such a war, pleading that he was trying to defend Libya from Al Qaeda, which had set up base in the country. He said:
“They have managed to get arms and terrify people. people can’t leave their homes… It’s a jihad situation. They have arms and are terrorising people in the street.”
Gaddafi’s warning went unheeded, and NATO, led by the U.S. and France, launched an air war that toppled Libya’s government. Later that year, Gaddafi (himself a brutal oppressor, like all heads of state) was forced out of a drainage pipe, and then beaten, sodomized, and shot in the street by a mob. His corpse was then draped over the hood of a car.
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who had done more than any single person to advance the Libya War, was informed of Gaddafi’s death while on camera. Fancying herself a modern Caesar, she chortled, We came, we saw, he died!

“Everything Has Come To A Standstill”: Political Fallout Hits Business In Spain

Things are likely to get a whole lot uglier.
By Don Quijones: On Friday, Spain’s benchmark stock index, the Ibex 35, plumbed depths it had not seen since the worst days of 2013, the year that the country’s economy began its “miraculous” recovery. Of the 35 companies listed on the index, 15 (or 40%) are – to quote El Economista – “against the ropes,” having lost over a third of their stock value in the last 9 months. Only one of the 35 companies — the technology firm Indra — is still green for 2016.
This doesn’t make Spain much different from other countries right now, what with financial markets sinking in synchronized fashion all over the world. What does make Spain different is that it has no elected government to try to navigate the country though these testing times, or at least take the blame for the pain.
Inevitable comparisons have been drawn with Belgium, which between 2011 and 2012 endured 541 days of government-free living. However, Spain is not Belgium: its democratic system of governance is younger, less firmly rooted, and more fragile, and its civil service is more politically compromised.

Farrakhan Speaks On Vetting Refugees, Opening Truthful Dialogue, America Must Reap What She Has Sown

Louis Farrakhan's comments, part of his interview with Alex Jones.

Class, Financial Warfare

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the geniuses calling for World War III, while the debt refugees caused by the financial and class war raging in the economy swamp the global financial markets with volatility and instability. In the second half, Max interviews Reggie Middleton about Pathogenic Finance: The autonomous, anti-fragile, trustless paradigm shift transforming banking, brokerage, securities and insurance.

The FBI’s Two-Pronged Investigation Of Hillary Clinton

By Paul Craig Roberts: Judge Napolitano in the article below explains the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton. There are two aspects of the investigation. The original source of her trouble is the charge that she failed to safeguard national security secrets.
As Judge Napolitano explains, this crime does not require intent and can result from negligence or simply from a lack of awareness that a secret is being revealed, as in the case that Judge Napolitano provides of the US Navy sailor who was prosecuted for espionage because a “selfie” he sent to his girlfriend revealed a sonar screen in the background. An even more egregious case is that of the US Marine who was prosecuted for using email to alert superiors to the presence of an al-Quada operative inside a US military compound. The email is considered unsecure and thus the Marine was prosecuted for revealing a secret known only to himself.
In view of these unjustified prosecutions of US military personnel, the FBI has no alternative to recommending that Hillary be indicted.