18 Jan 2016

Women Dominate In STEMM

By William Collins [aka MRA-UK]: Women are now the majority of undergraduate students studying STEMM subjects at universities or colleges in the UK. Well, it had to happen.
Ad placed by the DoE in this week’s New Scientist – tax free bursary to train as a physics teacher
STEMM means science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine. Traditionally this area was dominated by men. Not any more.
Those whose business it is to track equality issues know this full well. For example, the Bristol University annual report on Diversity and Equality, 2013/14, whilst concentrating mostly on issues pertinent to that university, contains the statement,

Across the sector as a whole, a slightly higher proportion of female students were studying STEMM subjects (51%)
On 5th January 2016, the university admissions service, UCAS, published data on the numbers of men and women accepted into UK university or college undergraduate courses in 2015. The data was broken down by subject as well as by sex, and consistent data were provided for each year from 2007. The pdf file is UCAS: DR3_019_01 Acceptances by Detailed subject group and sex (All). These data can be used to deduce the percentage of excess women over men across the STEMM subject areas. The result is shown in Figure 1 below.

National Coalition For Men Sued A Women’s Networking Group For Sex Discrimination

By Christina Cauterucci: The country’s tiny violins are performing their magnum opus: A group of “men’s rights” activists have sued a La Jolla women’s entrepreneurship organization and a Virginia women’s golfing group for sex discrimination, and in both cases, they’ve managed to get settlements out of court.

Mother Jones reports that the National Coalition for Men has levied California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act, a law passed in 1959, against Chic CEO and Women on Course when the respective organizations held women-only events in San Diego. In the Chic CEO case, NCFM president Harry Crouch and two acolytes were turned away from a women’s networking mixer in 2014; they were similarly barred from a Women on Course golf clinic and networking event in 2013.

Stand Up Before I Stand Down

"I am not a member of the sheeple, I'm a general I stand for the people, I stand for the concept that the whole world's equal, I stand strong I stand proud, no Zionists allowed, because I vow to the people in the west bank that I'll say free Palestine until I'm a dead man!"
 Logic - GlobalFaction

An Open Letter To Matthew Santoro From A Men's Rights Activist

Cheer Up! Only 7 Per Cent Of Brits Call Themselves Feminists

Only 7 per cent of Britons consider themselves feminists. We now have it confirmed, thanks to a finding from new Fawcett Society poll,   published by the Telegraph  - no doubt much to the Society's chagrin.
Here we have it. After 40 years of brainwashing, only 9 per cent of women and 4 per cent of men are fully signed up to the cause.
That dramatic finding, however, did not stop the Society press releasing its poll with a headline claiming that 71 per cent of men agree that gender equality is better for the economy and that men are the biggest supporters of gender equality.
Some mistake surely? Well, rather curiously, to start with the word gender did not actually feature in the poll’s questions. That support for "gender equality” was something the Fawcett Society deduced, or, if I was going to be brutal, made up.

Magic Kippa - Goyim Beware

By Gilad Atzmon: Anti-Semites planning to target Jews easily identified by decorative skullcaps may have to find a better strategy to identify the chosens.
Following recent attacks on Jews around the globe, the Jewish genius has once again been activated to find a solution. Introducing Kippa Magic, the kippa that blends invisibly into the wearer’s hair. Thanks to the innovative new kippa, Jews will be able to hide within their host nations while still wearing the Jewish religious garment.
Shalom Koresh, a hairdresser from Rehovot (Israel) and the man behind the revolutionary invention says the product will allow Jews to remain observant even in hostile places. “The idea first came to me about six months ago,” says Koresh, “I had customers coming in who had travelled in Europe and talked about growing anti-Semitism there. So I thought, why not make a kippa that blends in with the hair?"
The 48-year-old Israeli says most of the demand for the Magic Kippa comes from France, Belgium and other European countries where there has been a marked uptick in anti-Semitic attacks and hate speech. I wonder how long it will be before Shalom Koresh resolves the dangers that are involved with the state of being foreskin-less.

Who's Afraid Of 4chan?

At least 100 people say the internet isn't a safe space. Feminism LOL

My Being An "Anti-Feminist"

Are you a Pro/Anti Feminist? That Guy T

The Prison Of Marriage: Lovers’ Foolishness, Jailors’ Diligence

By : When men marry, they often think little of possible unhappy consequences. Divorce has dire financial consequences for men under U.S. [and U.K.] family law today. But most men refuse to consider such consequences. They believe that they are different from men reamed in divorce proceedings. Every man is different from men transformed from fathers into wallets. Every man is different from men working under the threat of imprisonment to provide money to their ex-wives and their ex-wives’ boyfriends. Every man who enters the prison of marriage is a fool, except for you. That’s what every one of you and me believes. [1]
Men’s irrationality in entering the prison of marriage has long been recognized in literature of men’s sexed protest. In 1509, Wynkyn de Worde printed an English verse adaptation of the French prose work Les Quinze Joyes de mariage (The Fifteen Joys of Marriage). [2] This French source was written early in the fifteenth century. It’s a comic work of men’s sexed protest. The English translation, entitled The Fyftene Joyes of Maryage, is more solemn. Its introduction describes a man foolishly entering the prison of marriage: